Where to find a photographer for a passport photo?

A passport photo is really important since it is needed to be attached to a passport application form. Many people want it to look well because they will see it for a long period of time. So, before taking it, it’s necessary to think about a place where to take it. Now, we are going to answer the question: “Where to find a photographer for a passport photo?”. If you are interested, read further!


Where to take a passport photo?

One of the most popular choices, in order to do so, is to find a photographer’s studio and take the photo there. If you are applying only for a passport, even the high price will not be an obstacle for you, because once a decade it is not a significant expenditure. Anyway, you can find two other options for taking such a photo:

  • in a photo booth
  • do it yourself.

Each of them has its pros and cons. You can read about them in this article on our website.

Where to find a photographer for a passport photo?

If you live in a city, it is likely that there are numerous photographers’ studios. They may be situated near:

  • the tourist areas
  • busy streets
  • shopping malls.

However, if you live in a village or a small town, you may think it difficult to find a suitable one, since we advise you to think about taking the photo without leaving your home. Instead, use the Smartphone-iD app!

How to obtain a digital photo code?

As there has been a legal change recently, you are now entitled to receive a unique digital code that refers to your passport photo. But it is important to mention that it can be issued only by an IDPC compliant party, such as:

  • photographers
  • photo booths
  • applications.

If you want to get it, look for the IDPC logo on the webpage of a professional or simply use the Smartphone-iD app. We guarantee that your photo and a digital code will be accepted by the authorities.

digital photo code

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