All you need to know about eVisa for UAE

eVisa, is an online electronic visa that permits eligible citizens to visit the UAE for a short period of time for tourism purposes. The processing time for a visa is about 3 to 4 business days. Immigration permission is required for entry into the UAE. The cost of a tourist visa in the United Arab Emirates is USD 115.00. In addition, there is a USD 35.00 service fee for basic processing. Incase one is in need of rush processing or even more quick processing the following charges apply, USD 65.00 and USD 95.00, respectively.

Which countries can request eVisa for UAE and how to apply?

Countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Ghana, can apply for eVisa to visit the UAE. This link contains the list of all the countries that are eligible.
Application for eVisa can be done through section ” Filling out an online application “. Photo and Passport Page should be uploaded. Online payment of the eVisa cost using a credit or debit card. Get your ETA online. Your ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) will be delivered to your e-mail address. eVisa for UAE can be applied through official website.

Which documents you need to prepare when requesting eVisa for UAE?

  • Passport photo in color.
  • A photocopy of your passport in color (must be valid for six months).
  • Copy of your Emirates flight ticket.
  • The application for a visa.

Yes, passport photographs are essential since they are pasted on the printed copy of the completed online application form.

What are the Visa photo requirements for UAE?

  • The background must be completely white and devoid of any patterns.
  • Photo should be colored rather than black and white.
  • The photograph must include your head, hair, ears, and shoulders.
  • 70% to 80% of the photo should be taken up by your face.

Attach an approved passport photo to your eVisa application

An important part when building your file : a passport photo that will be accepted by the administration in the United Arab Emirates and won’t slow down your eVisa process.

By using our app you can create in comfort from home 100% valid passport photos because we use double conformity control (artificial intelligence + real human control).

With unlimited trails create your perfect photo! After our control your digital photos will be sent to your email and if you choose – to your home printed on a professional approved paper.

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