Can your hair be covered in passport photo?

According to the International Civial Aviation Organization, which regulates biometric passport format internationally, head can be covered only for relagious reasons, for example, women are allowed to keep their hijab. However; your passport photo must be recognizable and the biometric information readable by the machines at airports. Thus, keep in mind that when taking a passport photo, your eyes and mouth must be fully visible.

hair covered religious reason

More specifically, the area of the face (from the crown to the base of the chin and from one ear to the other) should be visible. In order for the photo to be accepted, it must be ensured that the religious accessories do not obscure the facial features and do not generate any shadows.

Can you cover your hair in passport photo for religious reasons ?

  • You can cover your hair ONLY for religious reasons.
  • Your face (eyes, ears, mouth) must be fully visible.
  • No shadow can fall on your face from the cover.
  • It is best to wear a dark uniform color that contrasts well with a light background.
  • Facial adornments are allowed only if you wear them daily and they don’t impact the recognition of face.

Remember, a person who is treating your application may or may not validate the photo if it is hard to recognize the face in any way, therefore the best way to increase your chances is by avoiding any excessive make up or additional attributes.

Read the official document on ICAO biometric photo standards.

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