How to get a residence permit in France?

The residence permit is a recognition document by the administration of the right to stay temporarily in a country. To prove this right, a “residence permit” is issued.

A residence permit is an official document issued under certain conditions by the administration of certain countries. The residence permit allows the right of staying (generally temporary, sometimes renewable) of a foreign national. It can also serve or take the place of a work permit.

If you are a national of a country outside the European Union, you need a residence permit, in addition to the visa, to have the right to work, study or simply reside in France.

What are the procedures to obtain a residence permit?

The steps to obtain your residence permit are quick and easy:

  • Connect to the French government site;
  • You will need: a valid e-mail address, the information on your visa, communicate your date of entry into France, your address in France, an ePhoto (special code that links to your digital passport photo), your payment card to pay the fee for issuing the residence permit ;
  • Complete your information and proceed to payment.

Your ePhoto created at home, thanks to an application.

You don’t want to waste time doing all of that research to find a photo booth or photographer. Take your photos directly from home!

Indeed, Smartphone iD complies with the ICAO standards. (International Civil Aviation Organization) and generates ePhotos with codes that are accepted by the ANTS (agency that provides secure documents like electronic passport, biometric passport, national identity card and electronic residence permit).

Follow these simple steps

  1. Download the app
  2. Follow the guidelines and take a good ePhoto
  3. Add your signature
  4. Proceed to the payment
  5. Our compliance team ensures that it meets ICAO legal requirements and the photos will be delivered directly to your inbox with your unique digital code.

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