How to apply online for student residence permit in France?

From November, 2020 any foreign student that :

– has a valid residence permit, 

– a long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit, 

– or a long-stay visa,

can fill the application form for their first student residence permit in France or its renewal from home.

Thanks to the option, now you will have to be present at the administrative office (préfecture) only to receive your permit. That means, there is no need for additional prior physical appointments or travels to the office.

To complete the form you will need to enter a numerical code of your digital photo and signature.

Use the Smartphone iD app on Android or iOS and take the passport photo with your phone.

It is the only app available on phone that is approved by the national French authorities.

Use this link to fill out the form for student resident permit:

Once you have submitted the application for the residence permit, you can see the progress of your file at any time on your online account. Additionally, you can respond to any requests for supplementary information or be informed of the decisions taken.

Administrative assistance

In case of any problems you can use the Ministry’s of the Interior contact form for residence permits or  call to the toll-free number  +33 806 001 620 .

Use this link to find information about the closest administrative office to your address

This process will make life easier for 120,000 foreign students who need to create or renew their residence permit every year. By the year 2022, the residence permit register plans to operate fully online, that accounts for 870,000 foreign student residence permits in total.

“Dites-le nous une fois”

The organisation that created this service online ANEF (Digital Administration for Foreigners in France) sticks to their principle to be most efficient possible and ask necessary information once, for example the reuse of digital fingerprints that were made at the embassy while completing the Visa.

You can do the same – create your one perfect photo with Smartphone iD app and with a renewed eCode use it for various official documents in the course of 6 months.

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