All you need to know about US Visa

A US Visa is an official document that allows a citizen of another country other than the United States to be granted entry into the USA borders. This document is usually placed inside the passport of the traveller who is seeking entry into the US. A passport, where the visa is placed, is an important travel document that resembles a small booklet and is normally issued by the traveler’s country of citizenship.

The time it takes to get a United States visa is dependent on the time it takes to receive an interview appointment at a US consulate or Embassy. Waiting times are based on the actual staffing, and incoming workflow and hence can change week in week out. The processing cost of getting the United States Visa is a non-refundable $160. This fee applies to all non-immigrant travellers who may include students, people travelling for business or medical reasons, or tourists.

Countries that can request US Visa and How to apply

All nations worldwide are eligible for their citizens to apply for a Unites states visa as long as they pass all the requirements. However, some travellers visiting the United States can do so without a Visa if they qualify for visa-free travel.

There a number of steps that ought to be followed when applying for a Visa. The order of the steps and how to complete them may vary from one US embassy or consulate to another. Below is the general procedure that should be followed when applying.

  • Completing the online visa application form.
  • Scheduling of an interview.
  • Preparing for the interview. This involves paying the application fee.
  • Gathering the required and additional documents, which include a passport photo and your passport.
  • Attending the Visa Interview.

Which documents do you need to prepare when requesting a United States Visa?

First, you would need a valid passport that should have an expiry date that is not within 6 months from your travel date.
Secondly, the visa application form confirmation page is required before your visa interview.
Thirdly, you would need the payment receipt of your application fee.
Lastly, you would need a copy of a passport photo if the online copy failed to upload.

What are the Visa photo requirements of the United States?

  • Photo must be in colour and taken within 6 months prior to the interview.
  • The photo ought to be taken in front of an off white or a plain white background.
  • Applicants should have both their eyes fully open and maintain a neutral facial expression.
  • No eyeglasses are permitted on the photo.
  • Headgear or hats that hide the hairline or hair are not permitted in the photos.

Attach an approved passport photo to your Visa application

An important part when building your file : a passport photo that will be accepted by the administration in the United States and won’t slow down your Visa process.

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