Is vaccine passport mandatory as a proof for travel?

Travellers may need a vaccine passport for border crossing regulations soon to enable efficient border crossing. However, any vaccine passport that comes into play will have to be coordinated by a renowned body like WHO to ensure it’s fair and ethical. Currently, the European Union have already rolled out official standards.

International organisations, governments, and airlines are working round the clock to invent a mobile-based application that proves travellers are vaccinated. This would eliminate the need for self-isolation upon arrival at their destination. However, there is a hindrance due to the lack of a central international system for verifying the vaccination status.

How To Prove Your Vaccination Status?

A couple of countries have designed vaccine passports applications to guarantee smooth travel. While some of these applications are incorporated into the airline’s leading applications, others are independent.

Spain, Iceland, Italy and Greece have presently opened borders to vaccinated travellers or those who have tested negative for the coronavirus. The EU, on the other hand, has opened the borders to vaccinated US tourists.

Do You Need Vaccination Passport in Europe?

The EU plans to invent a Digital Green Certificate soon. This certificate will allow travel between EU countries and third countries, such as the United States. With this certificate, it will be easy to tell whether a traveller has recovered from Covid-19, has a Covid-19 negative test result or vaccinated against the virus.

Do You Need a Vaccination Passport for the US?

Since the start of the year, the United States has required all inbound travellers from other countries, including their citizens, to provide a negative coronavirus test result, even if one is vaccinated.

A few weeks ago, New York state invented a coronavirus vaccine pass to resume concerts, large cultural events, sports games, and above all, kickstart the economy. The Excelsior Pass lets the holders prove their vaccination status through a printout or a mobile-based application. At present, it only shows results coming from the New York test centres.

Rush before storm

One is clear whether it is the United States, the European Union or other countries around the globe. All are eager to go back to business and welcome tourists during the summer season. With lack of unified global vaccination proof, it is best for you to check your government and the target country’s official websites. And while you are at it, look through the requirements of the company that you will be using for traveling.

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