The Quickest & Easiest Way to a Passport for Your Baby in 2023

Baby Passport in AU

Not sure how to get started on your Baby’s Passport application? Start here! You and your little one can rest easy in the Passport process, once you’ve read this article. A compliant Passport photo is the key to getting an approved application, so make sure to use a professional service. Use this article to find out the quickest & easiest way to a Passport for your baby in 2023.

Does My Baby Need a Passport in AU?

Yes, if you’re planning to travel to any country outside of Australia you should apply for a Passport for your baby. Any individual who wishes to leave Australia and enter another, needs a Passport. This is the first step for travelling outside Australia.

Make sure you know what documents you need for your Australian baby Passport, as your little one won’t be able to travel from the Australia without it.

How to Get a Passport for my Baby in AU?

It’s quite easy to apply for an Australian baby Passport online, follow the steps below to find out how.

How to Get a Passport for my Baby in AU

  1. Navigate to the Australian Government’s Child Passport website
  2. Read the instructions
  3. Gather all necessary documents for the application
  4. Find a guarantor to sign the application form
  5. Complete the application form
  6. Submit your application and pay the fee
  7. Receive your baby’s Passport by post or pick it up at a Post Office

What are the Required Documents for a Baby Passport in AU?

If you’re making plans to travel outside of Australia, you’ll have to follow the requirements to be able to make a successful baby Passport application. Ensure you have everything you need to submit your baby’s Passport application before going ahead.

Required Documents for a Baby Passport in AU

  • Your baby’s full birth certificate
  • Proof to show that your baby is an Australian citizen
  • Proof that shows a name change if applicable
  • Court documents and supplementary Passport forms to show who has parental responsibility
  • Two Passport size photos that are compliant with the Passport photo requirements

What is the Cost of a Baby Passport in AU?

As children’s appearances change rapidly as they grow older, the under-16’s Australian Passport is only valid for 5 years.

The cost of a 5-year Australian Baby Passport is $155 AUD.

What is the Processing Time for a Baby Passport in AU?

Make sure you apply for your baby’s Australian Passport well in advance of your travel plans or the time that you will need it. This is because it can take a minimum of 6 weeks for your baby’s Australian Passport to arrive once you have submitted your application.

How Long Does a Baby’s Passport Last?

Due to the fact that babies’ appearances change quite dramatically in their first few years, the baby Passport in Australia is only valid for 5 years.

How to Get a Baby Passport Photo in AU?

Baby Passport Photo in AU

Are you stuck on getting Baby Passport photos in AU? Let us give you a little help. We’ve compiled a list of places to get Baby Passport photos in AU below, as well as details and locations. Take a look!

Places to Get Baby Passport photos:

  • Aus Post: If you need ID photos, head to Australia Post and choose from a range of options. If you need compliant photos for your baby Passport application, you can get those compliant photos here.
    • Sydney: Located at 1/1 Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000.
    • Melbourne: Located at Shop 8/271 Collins St.
    • Perth: Located at Cloisters Arcade Enter At 863 Hay St.
  • Officeworks: Get a compliant Australian baby Passport photo at Officeworks. You also receive a certificate of compliance.
    • Sydney: Located at 242 Pitt St.
    • Melbourne: Located at Shop 1 & 2, 461 Bourke St.
    • Perth: Located at 760 Hay St, Perth WA 6000.
  • Photo Studio: Most photo studios are set up for Australian baby Passport photos.
    • Sydney: Digital Foto World, location is Shop R12B, 324 Pitt St inside food court building.
    • Melbourne: The Photo Shop, the location is 215 Bay St.
    • Perth: Perfect Photos, the location is 459 Hay St.
  • Smartphone iD App: Get pre-approved Australian baby Passport photos at the tap of a button. It’s convenient and easy to use our Passport photo app. Even better, there’s nothing to lose because we can guarantee government approval or we’ll send you a full refund.

Tips to Get a Baby Passport Fast in AU

When applying for a baby Passport, try using these tips to make it an easier time for yourself.

  1. Collect all the documents necessary before making your application, so you have an easier time completing the process.
  2. Allow yourself plenty of time before you actually need your baby’s new Passport, as it takes a minimum of 6 weeks to get processed and arrive to you.
  3. Try to take your Passport photo when your baby is calm, as this will make it easier to get a neutral expression with open eyes.
  4. If you can, get a white background for your baby’s Passport photo. Alternatively, use ‘Smartphone iD’ to get access to professional background removal.
  5. Try not to hold your baby when taking the photo, as your baby’s Passport photo needs to only have your baby appear in it!
  6. Try to get your baby’s attention with a toy, so they’re looking at the camera directly when you take the photo.


Yes, there are plenty of options to get a baby Passport photo, however, they’re not all the same quality. Start with a professional service that takes all requirements into account and delivers a high-quality, pre-approved Passport photo.

Smartphone iD can speed up the process, all you need is a smartphone. Get the professional quality you need with the convenience of doing it all from home!

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