Things You Need to Know About Australia Passport Photo Booth in 2023

Can’t decide whether you should go to a Passport photo booth to get your Passport photo? It’s understandable. Don’t put off your Passport photo any longer! Make sure you get a compliant photo that fulfils all requirements, so your application goes fast and smoothly. Use our careful research in this article so you can decide whether a Passport photo booth is right for you.

Is a Passport Photo Booth a Good Choice to Take Approved Photos?

Using a photo booth can be a good choice for anyone who is unsure how to take a Passport photo by themselves. There are lots of methods out there to get a Passport photo. So let’s take a look at them.

While a photo booth is an option for Passport photos, there are definitely better ways to go about getting a compliant Passport photo!

So why use a Passport photo app like ‘Smartphone iD’?

  • Smartphone iD: Passport photos are a crucial part of Passport processing. That’s why our team checks Passport photos thoroughly and uses AI to ensure that your photo meets all requirements!
  • We use biometric data analysis as well as professional examination for the best results, so you can travel without worrying about what might be wrong with it.
  • We offer a government approval guarantee as well as a money-back guarantee.
  • We’ve designed our app to be convenient with everything from quick and secure payment processing, to easy photo taking when using the app.
    • You don’t need an appointment or any additional paperwork just take a photo.
  • ‘Smartphone iD’ is convenient as you don’t have to leave the house to get a Passport photo!
    • We offer printed delivery as well as digital delivery, whatever suits you!

Where to Get Passport Photo Booth in AU?

If you want to use a photo booth to get a Passport photo, you’ll need to find out where your nearest one is.

Places to find Passport photo booths in AU

  • Transportation hubs: Places like train stations, airports and bus stations may have photobooths inside them. However, you’ll usually only find these in cities.
  • Supermarkets: Large supermarkets may contain photo booths for taking Passport photos in them
  • Pharmacies: Some pharmacies may have photo booths you can use to take Passport photos.
  • Shopping Centres: You might be able to find a photo booth inside shopping centres.

If you don’t want to cause yourself a hassle by searching for photo booths all over the country, why not use our clever app ‘Smartphone iD’?

Scroll to the bottom to find our step-by-step guide to get pre-approved Passport photos today!

How to Find a Passport Photo Booth Near Me?

If you want to save yourself time, you should probably look for a Passport size photo booth near me.

Tips to find a Passport photo booth near me:

  • Try an online search for “Australian Passport photo booth near me” or “Australian Passport photo booth near me in [your city]”
    • If you’re going to go to a supermarket to find a photo booth, make sure you find out their opening times!
  • Look out for pharmacies or large supermarkets near you as they will usually have an online store locator so you can find a photo booth near you.
  • Phone up pharmacies or large supermarkets to find out if their location has a photo booth.
  • Smartphone iD: Get certified photos, verified by our biometrics experts and AI, with digital (email) or printed delivery. We offer a great competitive price and a money-back guarantee.

Use our step-by-step guide below to get pre-approved Passport photos today.

Can You Get Digital Passport Photos at a Booth?

Perhaps the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to get a Passport photo is to get compliant digital copies of your Passport photo and then print the copies through a photo centre. Unfortunately, most photo booths are not able to provide digital Passport photos. So, if you’re dead set on using a photo booth, you’re stuck with expensive prices.

There are other places to get a digital Passport photo, take a look.

Places to get digital Passport photos in AU

  • Aus Post: Get digital Australian Passport photos. Available for Passport and Visa. A bit pricey at the cost of $19.95.
  • Photo Studio: A photo studio is a good place to get digital Passport photos. If you can get an appointment, this could work for you. It’s usually more expensive than most other options!
  • Smartphone iD: We can offer expert checks (AI, biometric experts) for your Australian Passport photos, as well as a professional printing service if required. We’ve designed our app to be convenient, secure and cheap.

What Does the Passport Photo Booth Cost?

If you need a compliant Passport photo, you might be able to get one at a photo booth, though the quality of service will vary. However, using a photo booth will incur a cost to you. Depending on where you live and what photo booth provider you use, the cost varies.

You can expect to pay 15-20$ for a photo booth Passport photo.

You may be reeling from the price, and it’s understandable. Use our professional service ‘Smartphone iD’. It’s a great option because it’s cheap, convenient and secure with a money-back guarantee.

How to Get Baby Passport Photo at a Booth

You don’t need to force your baby to get a photo in a booth any longer! With our app ‘Smartphone iD’, baby photos are a breeze! We’ll verify your little one’s photo using our AI and biometrics team, whilst you relax at home using our app whenever it’s convenient for you and your little one.

While photo booths can provide baby Passport photos, you will have to find a photo booth location, which can be difficult as they’re not common.

Make sure to follow the baby Passport photo requirements, if you take your own baby Passport photo.

Comparison Between Taking a Passport Photo at Booths vs Smartphone iD

Comparison Between Taking a Passport Photo at Booths vs Smartphone iD

If you’re not quite sure what Passport photo service to try, take a look at both ‘Smartphone iD’ and photo booth services compared.

Smartphone iD Photo Service

 If you want to create approved passport photos for your passport using your smartphone you can receive them via email or post. Smartphone iD is the first mobile app that allows users to take passport photos directly from a smartphone.


  • Get a compliant, verified photo for ID, passport and Visa via email or post
  • Compatible with various countries around the world
  • Quick and convenient, everything’s done for you
  • Simple to use
  • Best price for all-inclusive service
  • Government approval guarantee and refund guarantee


  • No expert check is included in the free photo version

Photo Booth

 If you need biometric photos, you can use a photo booth. Whether it’s for your passport or visa – you can get compliant photos here. The cost can be quite expensive though.


  • You can get compliant biometric ID photos printed
  • Simple to get a photo
  • Good if you don’t think you can take your own photo


  • Have to find a photo booth, usually only in cities, to get your photo
  • Can be quite expensive
  • It takes time to get to a photo booth, get your photo taken and get back home
  • There’s no customer support after you’ve got your photo, even if it’s rejected

Take Your Passport Photo With Your Phone

Digital Passport photos on your phone? No problem.

All you need is your smartphone, just use the steps below to get going!

  1. Download ‘Smartphone iD’ on compatible phones, available on iOS and Android
  2. Take a photo using the app, ‘Smartphone iD’ will guide you through the process
  3. Select which country you want to produce a photo for, Australia in this case
  4. Select which document type you want the photo for (Passport, driving license, visa etc.)
  5. Receive photos digitally via email, as soon as our AI and experts approve them
  6. Use these digital copies to print them yourself. Or, you can use our printing service, to make it even easier


Yes, photo booths can be a good option if you’re not sure about taking a photo by yourself. However, the level of quality is inconsistent and there’s no customer support if things go wrong! You can rely on ‘Smartphone iD‘ with hundreds of happy customers, our service is quick and secure. We’ll sort everything from start to finish.

Have you tried out our app yet?

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