The Guide to Renew Driver’s Licence in QLD Right Now in 2023

Not sure what to do with your QLD driver’s licence renewal? You can be sure after reading this carefully researched article! Part of your driver’s licence being valid is having a compliant driver’s licence photo. Using a professional service that is the best value for the price is the way to do this. So use this article to your advantage to find out how to renew your driver’s licence in QLD right now! Let’s get started!

How to Renew Driver’s Licence in QLD

If you need to renew your driver’s licence in Queensland, you’ll have to apply online or in person. The Australian government will notify you 6 weeks in advance of your driver’s licence’s expiry date, then you will be able to start your renewal application.


You can renew your driver’s licence online if you are eligible. Check out the reasons below for being eligible.

Online Renewal Eligibility

  • You can renew online if your photo is under 10 years old
  • You can renew online if your licence expires in 6 weeks or less.
  • You can renew online if your licence expired up to 5 years ago.
  • You must be a Queensland resident

For the full eligibility criteria check out the government website.

Now you know whether you’re eligible to renew online, take a look at these steps to help you get started in your renewal.

How to Renew Driver’s Licence Online QLD

  1. Enter your licence details to log in to the government licence renewal page.
  2. Confirm your identity before proceeding.
  3. Answer the questions to find out if you’re eligible for online renewal.
  4. Choose how long you want your licence to be renewed for.
  5. Pay the licence renewal fee (debit or credit card).

In Person

If you can’t renew online, you’ll have to renew in person. To be able to do this, you’ll have to find your local transport and motoring customer service centre.

Once you have done this, read the steps below to find out how to start your renewal.

How to Renew Driver’s Licence In Person QLD

  1. Go to your nearest transport and motoring customer service centre.
  2. Show the required evidence and supporting documents.
  3. Pay the licence renewal fee.
  4. Get your photo taken if necessary.

What are the Supporting Documents to Renew a Driver’s Licence in QLD?

To be able to make a successful driver’s licence renewal in person, you’ll have to provide supporting documents. Take a look at the necessary supporting documents below.

Supporting Documents to Renew a Driver’s Licence QLD

  • 3 different copies of documents from the list below to evidence your identity:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport
    • Debit/Credit card
    • Medicare card
  • Evidence of name change, if you have changed your name since the last issuing of your driver’s licence.
  • Declare that you are medically fit to drive or show evidence of this.
  • Check this government list for full details about how to provide forms of identity for the renewal.

What is the Processing Time to Renew a Driver’s Licence QLD?

After submitting your renewal application, the government will need to process the information as well as any supporting documents. Once they have completed this, they will start issuing your new driver’s licence.

You can expect to receive your driver’s licence within 35 days through the standard postal service to your mailing address. If you have signed up to email reminders, you will receive an email when your licence has been posted.

How to Get a Valid Driver’s Licence Photo at a Cheap Price?

If you want to renew your driver’s licence, you’ll sometimes need to submit a passport-style photo with your renewal application.

Don’t waste time and money on services you can’t rely on! All you need is your smartphone. In fact, you just need to download the Smartphone iD app to get verified biometric photos without any special equipment!

Our biometric experts will verify your photos to make sure they’re up to national standards. We’ll make sure the Australian government will accept them or we’ll send you a full refund.

How to Get your QLD Driver’s Licence Fast?

Using a driver’s licence photo service you can trust is a great way to get your QLD driver’s licence fast. Here’s why.

How to Get your QLD Driver’s Licence Fast?

  • A professional photo service makes sure your photo will get accepted.
  • Using a driver’s licence photo app speeds up the process.
  • Get your driver’s licence photo sent to your email in minutes – using Smartphone iD.
  • All photos are 100% verified by experts with an excellent value-for-money price.


You can renew your QLD driver’s licence whether you want to online or in person. Just make sure you’ve got a compliant driver’s licence photo if you need one. There’s no need to go to photo booths or spend loads of time in town getting a driver’s licence photo! Just use Smartphone iD to get pre-approved photos wherever and whenever is convenient for you, at a cheap price.

What have you got to lose? Download Smartphone iD today!

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