Where to get a baby passport photo near me in Canada

baby passport photo near in Canada

Did you know babies and infants must also have a passport photo taken? If you want to cross borders or travel with your child, they will need a passport and photo. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing the best and fastest way to have your baby’s passport photo taken in Canada. So, make sure to keep reading and check out all the options and tips that we will be providing for getting a baby passport photo near me. 

Where to get a baby passport photo near me and in Canada?

If you are looking to get a passport photo taken at the nearest location to your home, you will want to do a quick search on something like Google, Safari, or Firefox. After searching “baby passport photo near me,” you will be provided with some suggestions of nearby or local stores that offer this service. 

Here is a list of some of the options that might be suggested:

On-site locations:

  • Walmart
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart
  • London Drugs
  • Staples
  • Local Photo Studios 

Online Alternatives:

  • Smartphone iD (IOS and Android)
  • MakePassportPhoto.com (Window and Mac)

Our recommendation is to use Smartphone iD as it can be used at home and makes it unnecessary to drive to a location for your passport photo to be taken. In addition, you can have the photo printed on high-quality paper that is shipped to your address.

What are the requirements for a baby passport photo?

A baby’s passport photo has the exact requirements of an adult. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • A clear and in-focus image.
  • Neutral facial expression.
  • Consistent lighting and no shadow or glare over your face.
  • An unaltered photo that represents your authentic appearance.
  • The photo is less than 12 months old.
  • Your eyes must be visible in the photo.
  • Head covering for religious reasons can be worn.

With that in mind, a baby or infant will be offered some exceptions to their photo being taken. For example, the passport office will accept a baby photo if their mouth is slightly open, as it is more challenging to have a baby close to their mouth.  

What are the required sizes for a baby passport photo?

A baby’s photo size is also the exact requirement of an adult. Here are some of the guidelines below:

  1. The photo must have a width of 50 mm or 2 inches 
  2. The photo must be 70 mm or 2 ¾ inches high
  3. The height of your face must be between 31 mm or 1 ¼ inches and 36 mm or 1 7/16 
  4. Generally the photo should be 600×600 pixels 

If you use Smartphone iD, you will be provided with an in-app guide that is easy to follow and helps you to meet all the requirements set out by the passport office. 

What are the cheap places to get baby passport photos near me?

Several different stores and locations will offer cheap passport photo services. It will normally be a superstore, big pharma chains, photography studios, or through using the Smartphone iD app.

Here is a list of potential places to have the photo taken. They have been organized from most expensive to the cheapest options:

  1. Staples: They are a large office supply store and offer passport photos at their participating locations. The cost is approximately $21.
  1. FedEx: This is another shipping and distribution chain that operates inside Canada. They charge roughly $14.99 for two photos. You can also bring your photo, which will be printed for only $1.
  1. UPS: This is a shipping and distribution chain that will offer passport photo services at any participating locations. They will require you to schedule an appointment, and the photos will cost $11.99.
  1. London Drugs: This is a pharmacy chain that has a photo centre in each store. They charge roughly $10.00 for two printed passport photos. 
  1. Smartphone iD: The app will aid you in taking a passport photo by yourself and at home. It is by far the cheapest option for having the photos taken. 

In addition, most pharmacies will not include a digital version of the photo taken. Therefore, it is recommended to use Smartphone iD as they provide a digital photo. 

What are the costs of baby passport photos?

A baby’s passport photo will cost the same as an adult’s and be based on where you have the service provided. You can refer to the list we included above and decide on where to have the photo taken. We recommend using Smartphone iD as it can be taken from home using your mobile device for an affordable cost.

Tips to take a baby passport photo at home?

It can be challenging to take a picture of an infant or child as they will often struggle to sit still for a photo. For this reason, passport offices offer a range of facial expressions for babies, such as them having their mouths slightly open in the image.

 Here are some tips for taking a photo of your baby or child.

  1. Use a small snack to take photos while they are chewing.
  2. Dangle a toy in front of the camera to keep their attention on the photo
  3. Use proper lighting to ensure the picture has no shadows or glare
  4. Use your hand behind the baby’s back to keep them upright. Make sure that your hand cannot be seen in the photo.

How to take your baby’s passport photo with your phone?

The Smartphone iD app allows for baby passport photos, and here is a guide on how to do it:

#1: Download the Smartphone iD app from the Apple or Google Play Store

#2: Take the photo using your mobile device while following the in-app instructions

#3: Select ‘Canada” as the country of residence when creating the photo. 

#4: Select the intended document type for the photo. In this case, you would select a Canadian passport. 

#5: Select if you want a photo to be emailed directly to your inbox or professionally printed and shipped to your home address.


there are many options and places to go if you want your baby’s passport photo taken in Canada. This includes stores like London Drugs, Staples, or Shopper’s Drug Mart.

However, the easiest and cheapest solution is to use the Smartphone iD app. The app will provide an AI and expert examination to ensure that it passes the passport office guidelines. It can be used from the comfort of your home, making it easy to take your baby’s passport photo. 


Do babies need a passport photo Canada?

Yes, babies need to have a passport photo to travel. The Smartphone iD app will let you do this easily from home for an affordable cost. 

How do I take a passport photo of my baby Canada?

If you use the Smartphone iD app, it will provide an easy-to-use, in-app guide that helps you to take the perfect passport photo. This is a great benefit when trying to get your baby’s picture. 

Can you take a baby passport photo at home Canada?

Yes, the Smartphone iD app lets users with an IOS or Android device take their baby’s passport photo from home using a mobile device. 

How long does it take to get a passport photo for a baby in Canada?

If you use the Smartphone iD app, your baby’s passport photo can be taken and finished within minutes! Other stores will take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. 

Does a 2-month-old baby need a passport to travel?

Yes, any age baby or infant will need a passport photo to travel. The Smartphone iD app is both affordable and quick for getting this done. 

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