The Ultimate Guide to Passport Photos in Barrie: 2023 Updated

Are you looking for passport photos in Barrie, and the best option for getting yours done today. Taking your passport photo doesn’t need to be expensive or take up any of your valuable time.  With apps, like Smartphone iD, your passport photo can be ready in minutes and for a low cost.

Where to get passport photos in Barrie

Ontario, Barrie has many service providers that offer passport photos at their onsite locations. Here is a list of some options to choose from:

  1. Walmart: A superstore with locations spread across Canada, with an onsite photographer for taking passport photo.
    1. 450 Bayfield Street
    1. 35 Mapleview Drive West
  2. UPS Store: A shipping and distribution center with passport photo services at select location across Barrie.  
    1. 190 Minet’s Point Road #5
    1. 132 Commerce Park Drive Ste K
    1. Alliance Blvd #13
  3. Smartphone iD:  An advanced app for taking high-quality and approved passport photo from home.

Cheapest options for taking passport photos in Barrie?

Barrie is home to many different pharmacies, superstores, and shipping locations that offer passport photo services. Here is a list of options from high to low cost:

  • Walmart: $13
  • UPS: $12
  • Smartphone iD: Low cost

Smartphone iD is notorious for offering low prices and quick turnover times. Not only will you save money, but you can be confident your passport will pass inspection on the first attempt.

How to get a passport photo in Barrie online?

Passport photos can be taken online using multiple different service providers and apps. Here are a few options to choose from:

Free Options

  • idphoto4you: Free online passport photo tool to take pictures from home, no compliance check is provided.
  • Passport Photo ID (Android/iOS): Free app for taking a passport photo, no compliance check provided.

Affordable Options

  • Smartphone iD: All photo verified by our biometrics experts, digital or printed delivery, extremely competitive prices and excellent quality photos.
  • Use a webcam or import a photo to be resized using the app and downloaded to your phone or computer.

There is a very important different between using a free vs paid tool. Free tools will not provide a compliance check for the photos being taken. Therefore, there is a risk when applying for a passport with a free tool of having it denied because the photo does not pass inspection. In contract, affordable tools, like Smartphone iD charge a small fee but guarantee approval with Ai verification to ensure the photo meets all the requirement necessary to pass inspection.

What are the Passport Photo Requirements

Passport photo application in Canada will need to meet several requirements to be accepted by the Passport Canada office. Here are a few of them:

  1. Neutral facial expression
  2. Consistent lighting and no shadow or glare over your face.
  3. An unaltered photo that represents your authentic appearance.
  4. The photo is less than 12 months old.
  5. A clear and in-focus image.
  6. Avoid hair covering your face
  7. Don’t wear too much makeup that changes your natural skin colour
  8. Your eyes must be visible in the photo. (avoid sunglasses or glasses)
  9. Head covering for religious reasons can be worn.

Smartphone iD’s compliance check will make sure that these requirements and the others are met before letting your submit your application. There is no need to worry about a denied photo when using Smartphone iD.

Size requirement

  1. The photo must have a width of 50 mm or 2 inches
  2. The photo must be 70 mm or 2 ¾ inches high
  3. The height of your face must be between 31 mm or 1 ¼ inches and 36 mm or 1 7/16
  4. The photo should be 420 x 540 pixels

Getting a baby passport photo in Barrie?

Stores that offer baby passport photos:

  • UPS
    • 190 Minet’s Point Road #5
    • 132 Commerce Park Drive Ste K
    • Alliance Blvd #13

Stores that don’t offer baby passport photos:

  • Walmart
    • 450 Bayfield Street
    • 35 Mapleview Drive West

Online options can be easier for taking baby passport photos, as they will be taken from the comfort of your own home. Here is a great online option:

  • Smartphone iD (IOS and Android)

Where to print a passport photo in Barrie?

In some cases, you will need a printed passport photo to be submitted with your application. Office department stores like Staples or other photography stores may offer printing services for your photo. Alternatively, Smartphone iD provides photo digitally to your inbox and the option to have the photo printed on high-quality paper and delivered to your home address. Just download the app to get started!

How to take your passport photo in Barrie with your phone?

Smartphone iD is an easy-to-use and low-cost app with a quick turnover time. The app is compatible with most mobile devices and can have your passport photo ready within minutes. Additionally, you can be confident the photo meets Passport Canada requirements as it comes with a compliance check to verify the photo with Canadian guidelines.


UPS and Walmart may offer passport photo services, but it will typically cost more money and take more time to be ready. Instead, download the Smartphone iD app and have your passport photo ready in mere minutes. Download the app today and start the process towards getting a perfect and affordable passport photo taken today!

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