What to Wear for a Passport Photo: The Complete 2023 Guide

What to Wear for a Passport Photo

Did you know what to wear for a passport photo? If you are getting a passport photo soon, it is important to pick out the right outfit that meets government guidelines and results in the perfect photo. In this article, we will offer some tips for choosing the right clothes and suggest Smartphone iD for taking an approved passport photo from home.

What to Wear for Passport Photo?

A passport photo must meet a collection of guidelines, so it is important to choose an outfit that won’t obscure the photo or put a shadow over your face. Here are a few items of clothing you might choose to wear:

 What to Wear for Passport Photo For Men?

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are a great way to look professional in your passport photo, and they will typically make for a good photo. Try to make sure that the collar is not too high and won’t cast a shadow over your face.

What to Wear for Passport Photo For Women?


Dresses are another great choice for a passport photo, and they will likely be accepted by the passport office if chosen carefully.

In general, it is important to wear clothing that feels comfortable, and you would typically wear on a day-to-day basis. It is better to avoid anything too dressy but stick to casual clothing.  The goal is to take a photo that is natural and clearly represents how you look.

What is Not Allowed to Be Worn in a Passport Photo? 

Here are a few clothing items and accessories that you must avoid when it comes to taking your passport photo:


Sunglasses should not be worn in a passport photo because they cover your eyes and would cause the photo to be rejected by the office.


Hats can cover your face and cast a shadow over the photo. So, it is best to avoid wearing any hats, unless they are for religious purposes.


Scarves are the same as hats and they should not be worn during a passport photo, unless it is for religious purposes.


Flashy jewellery can create glare in your photo which would lead to it being denied by the passport office. A simple set of earring or necklace should not be a problem, but consult with the photographer or guide to the Smartphone iD app.

What is the Best Colour to Wear?

A passport photo is typically taken using a light-coloured or white background. Therefore, it is important to wear dark coloured clothing like black, navy blue, or greys when taking a photo. The dark clothes will contrast with the light-coloured background and help you to stand out in the photo.

Smartphone iD does a great job of helping you to take a cheap passport photo that meets government requirements and with tips on the best colours to wear for taking the photo from home.

What Should Your Baby or Kid Wear?

A baby or child’s passport photo can be treated the same as an adult and the clothing choices should also be similar. Baby passport photo are a bit more complication, and it is better to dress you child in colourful everyday clothing. White and black can result in a contrast between the face and background of the photo, causing it to be denied by the passport office.  Additionally, you will want to remove any unnecessary jewellery or head coverings that cast a shadow over their face.

Is Your Outfit Ready? Take Your Passport Photo with Your Phone Today!

Hopefully, now, you have put together the perfect outfit for taking your passport photo and are ready to get started on putting together your application. Smartphone iD is one of the best and most reputable apps on the market for taking passport photos that are affordable and meet all the government requirements at a cheap price.

Every photo includes a compliance check using Ai software and a team of experts to ensure that it meets the guidelines and is accepted on the first attempt. Otherwise, you can be guaranteed a refund for the cost of the photo. All you need to do is download the app, and let it do the rest!


In summary, the outfit for your passport photo can determine whether it will be accepted or not. If you opt to wear flashy jewellery or sunglasses, you may have your photo denied by the passport office and it will take longer to have your application accepted. Therefore, we recommend using Smartphone iD to take a passport photo quickly and for low-cost.


Why can’t you wear a white shirt for a passport photo?

A white shirt is likely to blend in with the light-coloured background, which would result in your photo being denied by the passport office.

Can I smile in my passport photo in Canada?

No, you need to retain a neutral expression for your passport photo. They recommend that you do not smile to take an accepted photo.

Can you wear makeup in a passport photo in Canada?

Makeup is allowed in a passport photo, but it needs to be subtle and not change your appearance. If you apply too much makeup and it changes your skin tone, your photo may be denied.

Why do passport pictures get rejected?

Passport photos get rejected for many different reasons. For example, a photo with glare, shadows, or smiling is likely to be rejected. Smartphone iD provides users with a detailed list and guide on taking the perfect passport photo.

Can teeth show in a passport photo?

No, your mouth should be closed for your passport photo. A neutral expression will accurately show your face.

What clothes are best for a passport photo?

The best clothes for passport photos are darker in colour and something you would wear on a regular basis.

Does clothing matter in a passport photo?

Yes, it is important to wear clothing that will stand out against the light-coloured background. Additionally, you want to wear clothing that won’t cover the face or create a shadow that leads to a rejected photo.

Do you have to wear a shirt for a passport photo?

You can wear a shirt or sweater for a passport photo, but it should be darker in colour and not create any shadows across your face.

What is the best colour to wear for a passport photo?

The best colour for an adult passport photo is black, dark navy, dark green, and other dark colours.

Can a baby’s mouth be open for a passport photo?

Baby passport photos have some leeway in their government requirements. For example, a baby’s passport photo will be accepted if their mouth is slightly open.

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