Is Taking Asda Passport Photo A Good Choice in 2023?

ASDA passport photo

Do you live in the UK and you need approved passport photos ? Perhaps you want to get the photo at Asda but you are unsure whether it’s best choice. We’ve got you ! This piece is a comprehensive review of Asda’s passport photo services.

Is Taking Asda Passport Photo A Good Choice To Get Approved Photo ?

Asda is reputational for helping UK citizens and residents get passport photos. You can take a photo and edit it for free at this store.

The downside of using Asda’s passport photo service however, is that there is no verififaction check to ensure that your passport photo meets the requirements. Likewise, Asda’s customers lament that they get passport photo delivery late.

Where To Get Asda Passport Photo Booth Near Me? 

You don’t need to go to the next city to access Asda passport photo booths. Indeed, these booths are located all over the UK.

Below are locations of Asda passport photo booth in UK;

  • Asda Photo: located at 14 Mary Rose Mall, London E6 5LX, United Kingdom
  • Asda St. Matthews Superstore: located at George St, Walsall WS1 1RS, United Kingdom
  • Asda Doncaster Superstore: located at Gliwice Way, Bawtry Rd, Doncaster DN4 5NW, United Kingdom
  • Asda Widnes Superstore: located at Widnes Rd, Widnes WA8 6AH, United Kingdom
  • Asda Burnley Superstor: located at Princess Way, Burnley BB12 0EQ, United Kingdom
  • Asda Wigan Supercentre: located at Soho St, Robin Park Rd, Wigan WN5 0XA, United Kingdom
  • Asda Gosforth Superstore: located at Hollywood Ave, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 5BU, United Kingdom
  • Asda Wakefield Superstore: located at Asdale Rd, Wakefield WF2 7EQ, United Kingdom
  • Asda Stockport Superstore: located at Warren St, Stockport SK1 1UA, United Kingdom

How to Take Asda Passport Photo?

When taking regular photos, you can pose and smile in different ways for a more satisfactory result. However, when doing ASDA passport photos keep in minde these guidelines to avoid photo refusal by the government :

  • You must keep your lips shut and maintain a neutral expression,
  • Face the camera directly (both ears should be visible),
  • The official should be able to see your complete face (meaning hair should be removed from face),
  • Dress in a way that it can be seen you wearing something in the photo,
  • It would be best to avoid flashy attire and uniforms since they may lead to rejection.
  • Religious attire is permitted.
  • Your passport photo in the United Kingdom should be recent (taken within the last month).

Do Asda Do Digital Passport Photos?

Asda are experts at digital passport photos. They’ve got quality cameras that churn out excellent photos. Additionally, you can request that your passport photo digital copy be replicated on quality prints.

How To Print A Digital Passport Photo At Asda?

Why pay the full price for UK passport photos at Asda when you can leverage Smartphone iD ?

You only need to take a passport photo with smartphone iD & receive your UK passport photo template in a few minutes in your email, then request for hard copy prints at Asda. Interestingly, you can retake your passport photo if you don’t like the way you look in the photo.

Asda charges 55p for four (4) copies of  4 x 6 inch prints. And you only need to cut the photos out.

Do Asda Do Baby Passport Photo?

Asda does not only offer adult passport photo services. You can take your baby’s passport photo at any Asda photo booth in the UK.

Asda Opening Hours

If you want to enjoy Asda’s premium pasport photo services, you should go to their photo booth between 10am-10pm. And this applies to weekdays and weekdays.

How Much ASDA Passport Photo Cost?

At Asda, passport photographs cost £2.50. However, remember that unchecked photos might lead to refusal by the government should any of the requirements be failed.

Alternatively, you can use Smartphone iD app. In four simple steps you can get your photo. The app will size photo and face proportion to the needed requirements, straighten the photo and remove the background. Then a team member will check if you have met all requirements. Then the photo is sent to your email (the process takes few minutes). You can also order a professionally printed version to be delivered to you.

Remember, if you wish to renew your passport or driving licence, it can be done online. Then you do not need to print the photo and a digital version or photo code will do (both are provided by the Smartphone iD app).

Save your efforts, time and money with Smartphone iD.

Comparison Between Asda And Smartphone iD

 Smartphone iDAsda
Is there a need to go to an on-site location?No, the photo can be taken from home.Yes
Appointment needed?NoYes
Who takes the photo?You or a friend can take the photo using your mobile device.An employee
Do you get a digital photo?Yes, it will be emailed to your inbox.Yes, with an additional fee
Do you get a printed photo?Yes, you can opt to have the photo printed and posted to your home.Yes
What is the estimated cost?Below market prices55p
Do they provide 24/7 support?YesNo, you must go during store hours. 


Asda can help you create passport photos in the UK. They’ve got the setskill and experienced employees. But to meet the UK passport photo specifications, you can bet on Smartphone iD.

The app lets you create approved passport photos. And you can print the verified photo at any Asda photo booth near you.

Last update: 17/08/2023

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