How to renew your UK driving licence if you’re 70 or over?

When you’re at 70 or over, it is easy to renew driving licence by filling the D46P application form and then taking it back to the DVLA accompanying it with your current driving licence photocard. However, you will need to include a new passport photo.

One of the most important documents that a motorist requires is a driving licence. Even if you are 70 years and above it is easy to renew driving licence to facilitate smooth driving and compliance with the law. To have a successful driving licence renewal, you should submit all the required documents.

How to renew online and what documents are needed?

In most cases, applying for a new driving licence will be easy while using the DVLA’S secure online services. After using the D46P application form, the DVLA will certainly send you the form ninety days before you are 70 years. The documents needed are :

• The application form.
• Fitness certificate.
• Current driving licence.
• A document proving your age.

How to apply by post using the D46P application form the procedure and what documents needed?

Application by post allows the DVLA to send you a D46P application form 90 days before your 70th birthday. This may also continue after every three years. However, the D1 application for a driving license form is an alternative if you do not have the D46P. The D1 application can be picked from a post office. The documents needed are :

• The original documentation that confirms your identity.
• A passport sized colored photograph.

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