How to change information on your residence permit?

Once you obtained a residence permit, you can stay in the United Kingdom for some time and – in some cases – work or study. However, even though this time is limited, you have to consider that the data to be found on the document must be correct. That means, if you change any information that is on your BRP (Biometric Residence Permit), you have to report it to the government. So, how to change information on your residence permit? If you are not sure, read the following part of this article.

How to change information on your residence permit?

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According to British law, there is no chance to correct the existing residence permit that you currently have. You have to apply for another one. You will receive a document with appropriate data.

If you consider what data you can change, they are the following:

  • name (after marriage, for example)
  • date of birth (in some cases it might be wrong before)
  • physical appearance (if you have to change your photo to for the sake of recognition)
  • nationality
  • gender.

If you want to get more information on this topic, visit the official site.

When should you report a change of information on your residence permit?

You are obliged to report it and apply for a new Biometric Residence Permit within 3 months of the change. If you do not:

  • you may be fined £1000
  • your stay may be shortened.
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How to apply for a new residence permit?

If you are living in the UK, you can use the form available at the official site.

On the same webpage, you can find information about what to do if you:

  • live outside the United Kingdom
  • have a pending BRP application.

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