What is an eVisa?

The eVisa is a document that allows you to travel to various countries for a specified period of time. This type of document is only valid if the purpose of your trip is tourism or commerce. Other travel purposes such as study or work require a traditional visa, which you can get in embassies or consulates. You can request a visa for one person, for a family (2 to 10 people) or for a group (10-300 people). If your request for eVisa is accepted, it will be sent to your email. The eVisa must be in print form and kept in the passport when traveling to the target country.

What are the advantages of eVisa?

It’s simple and easy to get an eVisa. You can access it from any place as long as you have internet. An applicant won’t have to go through the traditional visa application process or stand in line at the border. It therefore saves time because you can do the procedure in advance without the need to move around or wait on arrival.

To complete your application take the passport photo at home!

An important part when building your application is adding a conforming ID photo.

Create it easily with your smartphone 24/7 without leaving the house.

Smartphone iD is an app available on Android and iPhone. Take unlimited shots to get a photo that you like, and once our software and team has approved it, receive it shortly in your email and/or within few days – in your mailbox.

Our artificial intelligence and human control system guarantees 100% that your photo will be accepted and conform with the mandatory ICAO standards.

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