How to obtain a family residence permit?

Even though Great Britain is no longer a member of the European Union, it is still an inviting place to live, work, and study for many people from all over the world. However, they have to stick to the rules and obtain a couple of documents to stay there legally for more than 6 months. Do you know how to obtain a family residence permit to have the right to stay in the United Kingdom? If not, this article is written just for you.


What is a family residence permit?

This type of a residence permit is a document that allows you to:

  • travel easier from your residence country to the United Kingdom and vice versa
  • come to Great Britain for not more than 6 months.

It is most useful when your family member lives in the UK because thanks to the permit you will be able to benefit from it many times.

What are the benefits of a family residence permit?

First of all, once you have a family residence permit, you will be able to cross the UK border as many times as you want for up to 6 months. However, there are some other benefits:

  • you are entitled to work in the United Kingdom
  • you have the right to study in the UK.
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Who can obtain a family residence permit?

If your family member is from:

  • European Union
  • Norway
  • Liechtenstein
  • Iceland
  • Switzerland
  • in some cases, Northern Ireland and Great Britain,

you may apply for an EU Settlement Scheme family permit. In other cases look for detailed information to be found on the official website.

It is worth mentioning that applying for this type of a residence permit is free of charge.

It is no longer available to apply for UK residence cards.

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