FAQ Smartphone-ID

How can I contact you for my business?

You can contact us by using contact form on website or by sending your email to contact@smartphone-id.com .

Can you print my ID photos?

Yes, if the photos are taken with our app. We will print your photos on professional paper approved by international authorities.

How long does it take to receive my photos by post?

The delay varies from 3 to 7 days for other countries in Europe.

Do you deliver photos by mail worldwide?

Yes. But we have limited control over the receiving time for Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Can I get a refund for my ID photos?

Yes, provided you have proof that the ID photo was refused by the administration.

How long does it take to receive an ID photo for an eVisa?

Delivery of photos for an eVisa can take from few minutes to few hours.

Can I wear glasses to take an ID photo?

Yes, technically you can wear glasses for an ID photo. However; the slightest reflection on the glasses or the slightest shadow on your face can lead to a photo refusal by the administration, which is why we refuse to validate photos with glasses.

What information I have to give when contacting you?

For us to be able to view your file, your name, email address and the order number is required.

What are the tips for a successful ID photo?

Please click in the app on the “Tips for successful photos” before taking your photos. This will eliminate errors and help you receive your photos faster.

Can I wear a scarf covering my hair?

Only for religious reasons, e.g. a turban in India. Covering of hair deliberately for other reasons is prohibited.

Why do you need to verify my photo?

Your ID photo must conform to the ISO (International standartisation organisation) & ICAO (International Civil Aviation organisation) standards to be valid for any official document. Our two step validation provides a quick and trouble free application regarding your ID photo.

How do I delete my personal data?

You can delete your data in the application under “My account”.

How long do you keep my photos?

The photos are destroyed from our server after six months.

Can I print the photos myself?

Yes, but you won’t be able to request a refund as we can’t control the quality of the printed photo.

How much does it cost to print and mail the photo?

Printing on professional paper, the placing in envelopes, envelopes themselves and stamps cost 2.5 €.

How much does an ID photo online cost?

Depending on the country between 2 € and 5 €.

Where are my credit card details kept?

We do not see your credit card details. They are used in secure mode by our partner Stripe.