How to obtain British citizenship?

You can apply for Britisg citizenship, also called “naturalisation” in few ways depending on your situation. Important to note that while the citizenship has not been granted, you need a document that allows legal stay in the UK.

In what situations British citizenship can be granted?

  1. If you are born in the UK : the citizenship is not granted automatically. It depends on when you were born and your parents’ circumstances. You need to check if you’re a British citizen.
  2. Marriage or civil partnership with a British citizen : To apply as the spouse or civil partner of a British citizen you must have lived in the UK for the last 3 years, and have Indefinite Leave to Remain paper ( ILR) or “settled status” under EU settlement scheme.
  3. You have ILR paper. ILR paper is issued to foreigners who have lived in the UK for over 5 years. To apply for citizenship with ILR you must usually have lived in the UK for 12 months after getting it.

You can no longer apply for citizenship with “pemanent residence” status or apply to the EU Settlement Scheme, unless you have reasonable reason of not meeting the application deadline.

Particular cases when British citizenship can be granted

Other routes to British citizenship include:

• Nationality for those who renounced it
• Citizenship for stateless individuals
• Citizenship by marriage
• Citizenship by descent or birth

What are the requirements for the citizenship?

If you’d like to become a British citizen, you will need:

• Be over 18 years of age
• Have an Indefinite Leave to Remain paper ( ILR)
• Pass the English language requirements
• Meet the good character requirements
• Not have breached the UK immigration rules
• Pass the like in UK test
• Spent at least 5 years of continuous stay in the UK

As for the cost, you will need between €1,330 to €4,660 if you need document translations, an English language test, and the life in the UK test.