Finding a Passport photo booth in UK

Are you applying for a passport online? Do you need a digital picture that fulfills all British regulations? Here are your options:

  • Go to the Passport photo booth
  • Getting your picture taken in a professional studio
  • Using your phone and taking a digital picture through an online app

Where can you find a passport photo booth in the UK?

These photo booths are present anywhere from post offices to shopping centers. You can easily find a photobooth or professional photographer near you by using our UK passport photo provider directory and get your passport photos taken.

Getting photographs from passport photo booth vs. an online app

You can get your photo taken from a passport photo booth anywhere in the UK but no matter what photo booth you choose, make sure that you get a digitalized photo code that can help you complete your online photo application.

Some online sites can help you take a passport photograph for the UK through your mobile. The cropping option in most online passport picture systems allows you to alter your photo to the desired size effortlessly. You may enlarge the image to meet British requirements, but be sure to fit the photo to their required pixels and avoid diminishing the quality of the photo if possible. Keep in mind that if you do any other alteration by yourself, it may result in refusal by the British government.

The more powerful tools may also delete your photographs’ backgrounds and replace them with a standard backdrop. They can also check if the photo fits all British passport photo standards.

If you choose to have your passport photograph made at a photo booth, you’ll need to prepare, travel, & hope to look your best still when you arrive. Moreover, there is no assurance that the picture will be approved. On the other hand, online passport photo apps allow you to take your photograph anywhere and at any time, ensuring that the passport office will approve it.

It’s much easier and better to prepare for the shot at home, set up your smartphone, capture the photo, and then have it ready in just a few mins. This allows you to look exactly how you want in your passport picture while complying with the rules.

UK passport photo app that’s better than a passport photo booth

You can also take a passport photo with your phone’s rearview camera. To get the correct size, the right background, and conformity check for HM Passport Office photograph requirements and the ICAO standards, use the Smartphone iD app.

Once the photo is validated, you will immediately receive the digital photograph in your email. You can also order a professionally printed version to your home.

It is the most convenient option for the best price. No need to leave the house. Fast, easy, and perfect for official documents.