What are the passport photo requirements?

As long as you want to take a conform passport photo, you have to bear in mind some international regulations that refer to this topic. But what are the passport photo requirements? How should it be taken? Read this article and don’t have more doubts!

Passport photo requirements – what clothing?

In order to take a proper passport photo you have to:

  • wear a shirt or other piece of clothing that will make your face, neck, and shoulder line visible
  • take off all accessories that may impede your recognition
  • take off head coverings, unless you wear them for religious reasons
  • wear such clothes that will differ from the background-colour

How to take a passport photo?

According to the official rules, each passport photo has to follow some standards, such as:

  • proper sizing (35 x 45 mm, width x height)
  • plain, one-colour background
  • acceptable body-background proportions (background surface shouldn’t be bigger than 20% of the image)
  • neutral facial expression (i.e. closed mouth, no smile)
  • open eyes, looking at the camera
  • face should be in the centre
  • no red eyes effect
  • proper quality and focus of the image

It is important to mention that each photo should be printed or uploaded to the system in colour. Black and white images will not be accepted.

Her Majesty’s Passport Office Check and Send

A selection of British post offices can check passport applications via the Check and Send service. It is thought to be less likely your application would be denied if you use this reliable method.

Bear in mind though that the service costs £16.00 (triple the amount it would to use Smartphone iD). However, if you are eligible for a free passport the Check and Send service is also free.

Where to take a photo?

camera for a passport photo

If you want to take a photo and obtain an ID photo code at once, you may go to:

  • a photographer’s studio
  • a photo booth

or take it on your own. If you want to save time, money, and effort, we advise you to go for the third option.

Smartphone iD is the app that can provide you with a passport photo that will be definitely accepted by the authorities. What’s more, you can now obtain the IDPC (digital photo code for the UK online application) and make your online passport application even more simple. You will receive your image by post or e-mail, depending on your preferences.

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