How much does a photo booth passport photo cost?

Even though a photo booth is not the first place that comes to your mind while thinking of applying for a passport photo, it is worth considering it. Thanks to its advantages, many people choose it nowadays. So, what are they? How much does a photo booth passport photo cost? Just read the article and find your answers!


What to do before taking a passport photo in a photo booth?

First, it is necessary to check if a photo booth provides valid photos that will be accepted by the authorities. You can easily check it by:

  • entering the webpage of its operator
  • checking if there is an option of taking official photos in its interface.

If you are not sure whether you will be given a proper photo, take your time and go to another place. We have already written where to find a photographer to take a passport photo.

How much does a photo booth passport photo cost?

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Supposing you have already found a suitable photo booth, you may be curious about the price of an official passport photo taken in it. It varies depending on your localisation and the company that owns it. On average, the price is:

  • from £4
  • to £7

per 5 printed photos. However, it is likely you find a more or less expensive booth where you live. There are almost no rules about this issue.

Will I be given the IDPC?

It depends on a particular photo booth. Check on a webpage of the owner or look for a sticker on it and check if it issues digital photo codes. However, if you don’t want to check so many things, just use the Smartphone-iD app instead. You are guaranteed that your photo will be:

  • accepted by the government
  • attached with a unique and valid photo code
  • if you feel like, printed on a proper paper.

You can take your time and make as many attempts before taking the ideal image as you want!

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