How to make a UK passport photo?

It is very important to meet the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) biometric passport photo standards to be able to use your UK passport for traveling. The UK passport service notes that main reason why the passport application is not accepted is due to invalid photo. To avoid lengthy and pricey processes, here is what you need to know before taking your passport photo for your UK passport?

Where to make a photo for a UK passport and what are the prices?

Printed photos have become obsolete since countries have switched to online applications. Thanks to Smartphone iD that combines artificial intelligence with real human control producing valid passport photos.

Smartphone iD has a reputation for their photos never being declined and this exactly what you should opt for. Depending on the country, the prices vary from 1.99 € -4.99 €.

A UK passport digital photo costs 3.49 € and this option will work for you.

Photos produced through the App must meet the passport photo standards as required by the government. The ICAO and biometric standards are crucial in ensuring that your photo is of the required quality. Also, photo conformance is very important for the passport application to be approved and since you will get value for your money.

The requirements for a photo?

  • Size is key. The photo must measure 45 mm by 35 mm and it should not be a cut down from a larger picture.
  • True colour photos with no enhancements.
  • Only light grey and cream backgrounds are allowed. The background must not have any designs.
  • No specific specifications for clothing attire.
  • A plain facial expression with your mouth closed.
  • Do not have anything covering your face.
  • 2 photos per person are required for each application. This is inclusive of children.
  • Have your eyes open and visible.
  • Having your hair down is allowed as long as it doesn’t cover your face.
  • The photo should not contain any people or objects.

Are glasses or other attributes allowed in the passport photo?

Yes. They are allowed. So long as the prescription glasses are visible, they are without blockage from frames, they are without reflection or glare and do not have tinted lenses. However; due to strict standards, types of various glasses, and increased difficulty to manually create a valid passport with glasses, we kindly ask you to take off your glasses when taking your photo.
Other attributes such as head covering and headgear are allowed only if they serve a medical or religious purpose. These attributes should not cover your facial features.
If your normal look includes beards then it is allowed. If you have a clean shave look you should avoid growing the beard for the photo.

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