How to Get Photo Visa USA 5×5 Paris

photo visa usa 5x5 paris

Your photo is an essential component of the visa application you will submit. Read the information that is provided below to understand how to get a photograph that will prevent delays in the processing of your visa application. It is always up to the United States Passport Agency to decide whether to approve the photo you submit.

You can get a photo for your Visa USA 5×5 Paris using the smartphone iD app.

Photo Visa USA 5×5 Paris

We strongly suggest you make use of a professional passport picture service so that you can be certain your photo satisfies all the requirements mentioned below. Our app offers guaranteed pictures that will be approved by the Visa Authority.

  • Your photograph should be in color
  • Printed on photo-quality paper that is the recommended size of 5×5.
  • Your photograph must not be older than recent six months.
  • The photograph should be captured in front of a background that is either pure white or an off-white color
  • Full-face shots should be taken with the applicant directly facing the camera.
  • Keeping a relaxed expression on your face and your eyes open both.
  • In your photo, you shouldn’t be wearing any uniforms, except for any religious garb that you regularly wear.
  • Do not cover your hair or hairline with a hat or other head covering unless doing so is required for religious purposes and the covering is used every day. It is required that your entire face be visible, and the head covering may not cast any shadows on your features.
  • It is unacceptable to include in your photo any headphones, cordless hands-free devices, or other objects of a similar nature.
  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses are NOT permitted in passport photos.
  • Unless you require them for reasons related to your health, you are not permitted to wear glasses with tinted or dark lenses, even if they are prescription-free (a medical certificate may be required)
  • Remove the glasses’ shine from your photo. Remove your glasses, slant them slightly downward, or turn off your camera’s flash to reduce glare.