What is the price of a baby passport photo?

Nowadays, travelling is by far easier than decades ago. Common prosperity has enabled people to go for holidays, visit new places and enjoy other cultures all around the world. But still, we are not allowed to travel without some basic documents, such as a passport. Moreover, your children should also have it, so if you are planning a familiar trip to a distant country, it’s high time you applied for this document! You will need, among others, a photo of your child. What is the price of a baby passport photo and where to take it? Read and learn more!

How to take a passport photo of a baby?


The official requirements that refer to a baby passport photo are slightly different than those regulating matters of adults. For instance, a child does not have to:

  • have their mouth closed
  • look straight at the camera

if they are younger than 6. More detailed information can be found on the official government site.

What is the price for a baby passport photo?

Many photographers’ studios offer the same price, no matter if their customer is an adult or a child. However, in some places, you may find a little difference, because it is more difficult to take a conform passport photo of a baby. Hence, the price of such an image is:

  • basically, not lower than £7
  • typically, around £10
  • sometimes, even about £15.

Everything depends on each professional, your localisation, district, and many other factors. However, if you consider more one of them, such as the quality of a photo or its price, you will be able to find a professional that meets your expectations.

Can I take a baby passport photo myself?

Yes! As long as you are able to stick to the official rules, you can do it even at home. For this reason, you may need software that will guarantee whether your photo is valid or not. Smartphone-iD is such an app. If you want to save your:

  • time
  • energy
  • money,

choose our services and take your time with an unlimited number of attempts before choosing the ideal baby or adult passport photo!


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