How to Renew Your UK Driving licence?

A driving licence is an issued authority to allow a person to drive a motor vehicle. In the UK, if your licence has expired, you must renew driving licence to drive. There are various ways of renewing a driving license. These include :

Apply Online

You apply online through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency provided you have the new digital passport that has been issued the last five years. To renew driving licence there are key requirements you made need to make it possible :

  • Valid UK Passport
  • Resident of the UK
  • Place of residence that you’ve lived for the last three years
  • Current driving licence, if not available you must state reasons as to why
  • National Insurance number
  • Not to be banned from driving

With all those documents in place, one will need to pay €14. One pays either with a Master card, Electron, or Visa. However, those that are 70 and above or who have a medical short period licence, are not required to pay.

Apply at a Post Office

One will need to go to a Post Office that deals with the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency photo card licence renewal that’s if you have a reminder letter and have gotten one, if not you apply at the post office.

The minimal requirement needed when applying via the post office is a photo card license.

The fee to be paid is £21.50

Apply by Post

You acquire a ‘D1 pack’ form at the post office that deals with the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency. In addition to a filled-in form, you’ll need;

  • Passport-sized photo ( no signature needed)
  • Current photo card licence
  • Identification Documents (If you have changed any or all your names)
  • A cheque showing payment to the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency
  • Send the application to the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency address

You will need to pay a total of €17. However, if you are above 70 years of age or have a short medical period licence no payment is needed.