How to replace your visa with a UK Biometric Residence Permit?

The Biometric Residence Permit ought to be replaced if; the passport has expired, lost, or stolen and when details on the visa have changed. You do it within the UK. There is a fee you pay and you shall make an appointment at UKVCAS.

One should apply online for £229 with an indefinite leave to stay. You receive feedback within 6 months. For a faster decision, it will cost you an extra €800. If the UKVCAS appointment was on a weekday, you get your decision by the next business day. If the UKVCAS appointment was on a weekend, you get a decision after two working days.

When you have temporary pass, you apply online at £161. It enables you to get a decision after 8 weeks.

A Commonwealth citizen who does not have documents for proof can get a Biometric Residence Permit under the Windrush Scheme.

For more information visit the official website.

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