How to Make a UK Passport for Your Child?

Though passport file completion might be lengthy, the UK passport service is proposing an alternative to paper applications that can save time and money and allows you to make the UK Passport for your child online .

How to Make a UK Passport for Baby?

There are two ways you can apply for your baby’s UK passport, online and by the post office. All of them are convenient and reliable. So, one can choose the preferable method without worry. In both, there are requirements to get the process completed. You will require the following documents:

For a digital application, you will need:

  • Two passport pictures of the baby,
  • A baby’s certificate of registration,
  • Birth or adoption certificate,
  • A digital referee who will confirm your child’s identity.
  • If applicable, you will require to submit the date of the parent’s marriage,
  • The passport or birth certificates of the parents, and grandparents` documents.

If you prefer a paper check, the necessities are similar to those required in digital applications. Still, here, you will not need a digital referee to confirm the baby’s identity. Instead, a counter signatory will sign your baby’s photos and application documents. All these documents are required in their original form.

Certified translations will be needed if the documents are not written in English or Welsh. The cost of the process is £49 for the digital application and £58.50 for the paper check.

How to Apply for your Child’s Passport

Someone with parental responsibility for the child must apply for the passport. Allow up to 10 weeks to get the passport. It takes longer to apply by post than online. You can either apply online on the official UK government site or you can apply by post in two ways:

Fill in sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9 of the form. Your child needs to sign section 6 if they’re 12 or over. You need to get someone else, known as your ‘countersignatory’, to fill in section 10 and certify your child’s photo. Read the booklet that comes with the form if you need help with your application.

To send in your application, you can either:

  • Post your form, photos and documents using the pre-printed envelope that comes with the form;
  • Take your form, photos and documents to the Post Office if you want to use the Passport Check and Send service.

Signing the application

Someone with parental responsibility must sign the form.

If your child is 12 to 15 they need to sign the form too.

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