What is passport photo price in Ireland?

With the Irish passport being the 14th most powerful passport giving direct visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to the Irish people, it hardly remains a question why not have your Irish passport. Nevertheless, you can apply for your first Irish passport online or by post. For the same, you’d need a well-clicked photograph of yours.

Read on as we discuss the price of a passport photo in Ireland and other useful information.

Price for a passport photo in Ireland by a professional photographer

A professional photographer charges around €12 for adult passport photo (for example Fujifilm) and €15 for baby passport photo. This price is among the lowest. The value of servicu will depend upon the factors such as the photographer, number of photos, location, and so on. The main requirement is that photos must meet the guidelines set by Passport Service in Irealand. Knowing the requirements demands explains why passport photos cost more.

The price is usually higher due to the better camera quality, more experience, and better services.

Price of an Irish passport photo in a photo booth

Apart from hiring a professional photographer for your passport photo in Ireland, you can also visit any nearby photo booth to get your photograph clicked. There are several advantages of a photo booth over a photographer. Getting four biometric photos from a photo booth in Ireland costs at least 8 euros.

However, it is worth noting that photo booths are not adapt for babies. This is because only one person can be seen in a passport photo. Keep in mind, that photo booths are not disinfected after each use, so be cautious.

Passport photo price when done online

Do you know that you can also click your photos professionally and that too without any expensive camera or DSLR? All you need is simple background and good daylight.

Take unlimited shots to get a photo that you like, and once our software and team have approved it, receive it shortly in your email and/or within a few days – in your mailbox.

Our artificial intelligence and human control system guarantee 100% that your photo will be accepted and conform to the mandatory ICAO standards and the standards of Ireland’s Passport service.

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