How To Get Passport Photos In Cork (The 2023 Full Guide)

Passport Photos In Cork

If you want to apply for an Irish passport, the authorities expect you to submit passport photos in addition to other important credentials. And such photos must meet the stipulated requirements. To help you get approved passport photos in Cork, we’ve come up with this comprehensive guide.

Where to Take Passport Photos In Cork

Taking passport photos is one thing, and getting approved photos is another. You should consider the places below if you want to get passport photos that will meet the Passport Office requirements.

1. Photo Booths

Many people opt for photo booths to take passport photos because they are more accessible and easy to use. Also, passport booths have a do-it-yourself feature which allows you take satisfactory photos that meet the Ireland passport photo specifications.

Check out the location of some of the best photo booths in Cork, Ireland.

  • Photo-Me, An Post Douglas Village Shopping Centre, Douglas, Cork, T12 N472, Ireland
  • Photo-Me, Glanmire, County Cork, Ireland
  • O’Sullivan’s Pharmacy Wilton, Unit 5/6A Wilton Shopping Centre, Sarsfield Rd, Wilton, Cork, T12 YA24, Ireland
  • Photo-Me, The Grafton Mall, Grand Parade, Centre, Cork, T12 PXR5, Ireland
  • The Bigger Picture Cork City, 70 N Main St, Centre, Cork, T12 CP8K, Ireland
  • Black and White Events, Penrose Wharf, 14 Penrose Quay
  • Photo-Me, University College Cork, College Rd, University College, Cork, C15 WN63, Ireland
  • Photo-Me, Supervalu, Crestfield Centre, Riverstown, Glanmire, Co. Cork, T45 YK40, Ireland
  • Fuji Foto Finish Cork, 14 Penrose Quay, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 PCX7, Ireland
  • Photo-Me, Cork Airport, Kinsale Rd, Lehenagh More, Cork, T12 A48X, Ireland
  • Photo-Me, Supervalu Hollyhill Shopping Centre, Hollyhill Ln, Knocknaheeney, Cork, T23 X0NN, Ireland
  • Kodak Express Wilton, University Hall Industrial Estate, Sarsfield Rd, Wilton, Cork, Ireland
  • Photo-Me, Centra, Rochestown Rd, Rochestown, Cork, T12 V4FP, Ireland
  • Photo-Me, Passport Office, Irish Life Building, 1A S Mall
  • Hollands Pharmacy, Churchyard Ln, Ballinlough, Cork, Ireland
  • McCauley Pharmacy, Douglas, Unit 2a, Douglas Court Shopping Centre, Douglas, Cork, T12 RV04, Ireland

2. Photography Studios

Photography studios in Ireland have amazing photography skills. More so, many of them have been in business for quite some time. So, this makes them familiar with the Ireland Passport Office requirements.

You can walk in to these photo studios Addressees

  • Resolute Photography – Unit 15B Wilton Shopping Centre, Sarsfield Rd, Wilton, Cork, Ireland
  • Bismark Photo Studio – 7-8 Liberty St Cork Co. Cork, Cork. 
  • Bigger Picture Studio – 70 N Main St, Centre, Cork, T12 CP8K, Ireland
  • Fuji Foto Finish – 14 Penrose Quay, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 PCX7, Ireland
  • Victor Horgan Photography – 1 Station Rd, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, P31 ER02, Ireland
  • OC Photography – Centre, Cork, Ireland (A minute walk from English Market) 
  • Photo-Me – Cork Airport, Kinsale Rd, Lehenagh More, Cork, T12 A48X, Ireland

3. Smartphone iD APP

Smartphone iD stands out as the best online tool to get passport photos in Ireland. The app is simple to use. And it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Just download the app on your phone and create the passport photo. There’s a verification check by the AI system to ensure that your passport photo meets the standards.  

Ireland Passport Requirements

There are some conditions you must meet when submitting your Ireland passport photo. It doesn’t matter that you are taking the photo at home, in a photo booth, or photography studio.

Here are the guidelines to note when you are taking your Ireland Passport Photos.

  • Don’t wear glasses or head wears. Headwears can be worn only for religious reasons.
  • The picture minimum size should be 35mm x 45mm and maximum of 38mm x 50mm.
  • Photo should be in JPEG format
  • No distortions, compressions or enhancements
  • Wear a neutral expression
  • No red eye effect
  • White background is preferable.
  • Set your gaze on the camera. Don’t tilt your head.

What Are The Cheap Passport Photo services In Cork?

You shouldn’t deal a huge blow to your finances because you need approved passport photos. We come to your aid with these places to get cheap passport photos in Cork.

1. Scannells Medical Hall

At 16 South Main St Bandon Co. Cork, situates one of the best passport photo studios in Cork. Scannells Medical Hall distinguishes themselves not just in excellent passport photo services. Their price is also affordable.

2. Victor Horgan Photography

Victor Horgan Photography provides cheap passport photo services in Cork. Apart from helping you create passport photos, they will process and print them if you want hard copies. You should try out Victor Horgan and test his passport photo photography skills which he offers at a pocket-friendly rate.

3. Smartphone iD

You can get quality passport photos using the Smartphone iD app. Although the basic features are free, advanced options come at relatively cheap price. You may also need to pay additional but cheap fee for doorstep delivery of hard copy versions.

Passport Photo Costs in Cork

If you want to get high-quality passport photos in Cork, you should spare about €8- €10. The price might differ slightly with respect to additional services offered by photo booths and studios in Cork.

If you use the Smartphone iD app, you will get quality passport photos that meet the Irish authorities’ requirements. More so, passport photos are at a cheap price.

Where to Print a Digital Passport Photo in Cork

Applicants wanting to apply for Ireland Passport in person are required to submit printed passport photo copies to the authorities. Check out the top places to print your digital passport photo in Cork.

1. O’Sullivans Pharmacy

At O’Sullivans Pharmacy, you have assurance of fast, reliable and professional passport photo printing services. Within the hour of arrival, O’Sullivans will transform your digital image into prints. And these prints will be on high quality paper.

2. FedEx Printing Service

Apart from shipping goods across the globe, FedEx offer passport printing services in Cork. They’ve got some of the best printers in the game, and they will also print your passport on high quality paper.

You can head to Unit 4 Wallingstown Business Park, Little Island, Co. Cork, to enjoy the printing service that FedEx has to offer

3.Photo-Me Cork

At Photo-Me, you can process your digital passport photos and print them within a short period of time. They’ve got a printing kiosk which allows you get quality passport photo prints.  Photo-Me’s printing booth is at Cork Airport, Kinsale Rd, Lehenagh More, Cork, T12 A48X, Ireland.

4. Kodak Express Wilton

Kodak Express Wilton has secured a top spot in the passport photo printing industry. If you have a digital passport photo already, just send it to the experts in the printing booth. You’d be amazed at the output.  Kodak Express Wilton is at University Hall Industrial Estate, Sarsfield Rd, Wilton, Cork, Ireland.

5. Smartphone iD Printing Service

Smartphone iD is not just a passport photo processing app. You can print digital copies of your passport photo as well with our app. After creating your passport photo, you can request for printed versions. The Smartphone iD will process your request and deliver the hard copies to your doorstep.

How to Get Baby Passport Photos In Cork

Baby Passport Photos In Cork

Taking baby passport photos is a different ball game compared to adult passports photos. They can be a hard nut to crack when you don’t know how to go about taking their photos. We make things easier with these studios that offer baby passport photo services.

1. Mccauley Sam One Hour Photo

Mccauley Sam has one of the best baby passport photography studios in Cork. He devises tricks and skills to catch your baby’s attention and make them look into the camera lens for a great passport photo. Mccauley Sam studio is at Douglas Court S.C. Cork Co. Cork

2. John Berry Photography

Nobody can beat a meticulous photographer. John Berry has helped several clients take their baby’s passport photos and yours will not be an exception. You should try out his services at 6 Landsborough Court, Rochestown, Cork City.

3. Resolute Photography

Niall Barry’s Resolute Photography also provides top-notch services for your baby passport photos. Bear in mind however that you cannot schedule online appointments with this studio. You’ve got to head to the studio in person.  Check out Resolute Photography at Unit 15B Wilton Shopping Centre, Sarsfield Rd, Wilton, Cork, Ireland.

4. Smartphone iD

With Smartphone iD, you can get quality passport photos for your baby in the comfort of your home. After downloading the app, ready your baby by making sure they are in the best mood. Then lay their back on a white sheet and take their photo as soon as they look into the phone camera.

Passport Photos Near Me in Cork

Passport Photos Near Me in Cork

You don’t have to drive or walk a long distance to get your Ireland passport photos. Visit these studios and photo booths near you in Cork to get top-quality passport photos or take them with your phone.

1. Fuji Foto Finish

With more than 5 years’ industry experience, you can expect only the best passport photo services from Fuji Foto Finish. They will help you create passport photo that meet the Ireland requirements. Fuji Foto Finish is located at 14 Penrose Quay, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 PCX7, Ireland.

2. St. Luke’s Pharmacy

Get your Ireland passport photo within a reasonable period of time at St. Luke’s Pharmacy. They’ve got a team of skilled photographers that specialize in creating awesome passport photos in Ireland. Check them out at St Lukes Cross Cork Co. Cork, City of Cork.

3. Crowleys Pharmacy

Crowleys Pharmacy are firsts among equals in the passport photo industry. They help Cork residents take passport photos approved by the Ireland Passport Office. Crowleys Pharmacy is situated at The Square Dunmanway Co. Cork, Cork.

4. Photo Booth Cork

You can get passport photos at Photo Booth Cork. This photo booth is located at Kilcrea, Kilcrea Hill, Co. Cork, Ireland. Just enter into the booth, pay the required fee and follow the displayed instructions for a great experience.

5. Photo-Me Booth

No other photo booth does it better than Photo-Me in Cork. You only need to take your passport photos in this booth. The appropriate background and specifications will be added. Use Photo-Me Booth at Tesco Store, Sarsfield Rd, Wilton, Cork, T12 CKC1, Ireland.

6. Smartphone iD APP

The Smartphone iD lets you create passport photos without hassles. On your android or iOS device, download the app and take a photo. The app does the rest for you and also verifies that the passport photo meets the requirements.

Take Your Passport Photo with Your Phone in Cork

Taking passport photo with your phone is not as smooth as it sounds. Indeed, it requires some skills.

Tips to help you take your passport photo from home.

  • To start with, ensure to have a white background and wear everyday clothes that don’t blend with the background.
  • Ensure that the lighting is good. Don’t use a poorly lit room. And also ensure that there are no shadows
  • Next, set up your tripod and your phone. You can use a friend’s help in taking the picture.
  • Turn on the burst mode to take several photos. Then choose the pictures that appear the best.

An easy guide on taking the photo using Smartphone iD

#1: Download the app. It can be downloaded from the Apple of Android store.

#2: Select the country for the document. Ex: Ireland

#3: Select the document type. Ex: Passport

#4: Take the photo using your device and the in-app instructions.

#5: Have the photo emailed or printed and shipped to your home.

Smartphone iD is not only easy-to-use, but it also provides expert verification, in-app sizing and editing, and affordable prices! If you want to fastest way to take your passport photo, you should opt to use the Smartphone iD app.


There are credible options on the table if you want to get passport photos in Cork, Ireland. You can schedule an appointment with a photography studio or use passport booth services.

For cheaper and faster passport photo services, you should download the Smartphone iD app. You will be able to create high quality pictures that meet the Passport Office standards.


Are Boots Doing Passport Photos?

Yes. You can get passport photos at boots near you

Do Boots Ireland Do Passport Photos?

Boots offer passport photos services in Ireland

Where Can I Get An Irish Passport Photo Taken?

There are multiple options to get passport photos in Ireland. Photo booths, photography studios and photo apps are great options

Can I Take A Passport Photo With My Phone?

Absolutely! The Smartphone iD app allows you to take passport photo with your phone

Do Tesco Express Do Passport Photos?

There’s a photo booth at Tesco Express Office to meet your passport photo needs

Where Is It Cheapest To Get Passport Photos From?

The Smartphone iD app is the cheapest option to get your Irish passport photo

Do Pharmacies Do Digital Passport Photos?

Pharmacies are known to provide digital passport photo service

Does The Post Office Do Digital Passport Photos?

You can use create digital passport photo at a participating Post Office near you