How to take a US baby passport photo ?

US baby passport photo

The process of applying for a USA passport for a newborn is the same as applying for a US passport for any child under 16. American passports for minors are valid for 5 years. You must bring a passport photo that meets general USA passport photo requirements along with other documents. But a passport photo for a baby in the US should comply with additional specifications to be aware of.

Last update: 4/30/2023

Passport Photos For your baby, newborn or child with Smartphone iD – What you will get?

1. Photo Template Of 4 Official Passport Photos

US baby passport photo template made by smartphone iD

Our application allows you to create a photo template containing up to six official baby passport photos that fully comply with current standards.

2. Acceptance guarantee

We are proud to offer an acceptance guarantee for photos taken with our application.

We use a combination of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and human expertise, to carefully check each photo.

This rigorous verification guarantees that the photos fully comply with the required identity standards.

With our application, you can be sure to get high-quality identity photos that meet the strictest standards and are ready to be used with confidence in various official applications.

Where can I get a US baby passport photo near me?

Many chain drug stores, as well as post offices, offer passport photo services. The average cost of 2 printed photo cards is $15, with no digital version included. Bear in mind that taking a USA passport photo for newborns or toddlers can be a stressful task, as it is not so easy to persuade a child to sit still in front of unfamiliar people. That’s why most parents prefer to take baby passport photos at home, saving funds and time.

How to take a US passport photo of a baby at home?

US baby passport photo at home
  1. Use smartphone iD app to get started.
  2. Take care of natural daylight. Take a photo near the window in the morning or daytime. If the light is not enough, turn on an additional lamp, but don’t point it at your child’s face. Avoid using flash;
  3. Set up the background. USA child passport photo requirements include even light-colored background (a plain sheet or towel with no folds will do). You can put the baby in a car seat, but cover the car seat with a white sheet to provide a blank background.
  4. Line up the frame so that the child gets into it waist-high;
  5. Make sure that your shadow doesn’t obscure the baby’s face.
  6. Keep the lens at eye level with your baby and catch the moment he/she looks directly at the camera;
  7. Take several shots and choose the best one.

What are US baby passport photo standards?

When choosing the best photo of your baby, make sure that the photo conforms to the following :

  • The photo must be of the baby or toddler and no one else must be in the picture.
  • The baby must have the eyes open for the photo.
  • Make sure there are no shadows on the baby’s face.

General US passport photo rules for your child-Baby:

Basic passport photo rules are that you need to submit one color photo taken within the last six months using a plain white background. The photo needs to be 2 x 2 inches in size and within that space, the head must be between 1 to 1 3/8 inches (25 to 35 mm) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. You will need to face the camera straight-on with your face in full view. There are few additional things to note:

  • your child cannot wear glasses, masks, hats, etc. They’ll need to wear everyday clothes and take everything off the head so nothing covers the face.
  • There is a little more leeway with passport photos of babies than for older children and adults, as it is specifically called out that an infant’s eyes don’t have to be widely open.
  • It can be hard to get a newborn to look right at the camera with their eyes, so just do your best to check all the other boxes.
  • A pacifier is not allowed when taking a passport photo.

Are there any exceptions for US baby passport photos?

There are 3 points that are less strict with baby passport photos than for adults. These points are:

  • Baby can slightly look away;
  • The head can be slightly tilted to one side;
  • Lips can be slightly apart, but no teeth or tongue can be seen.

Applying for baby passports during COVID-19

While the basic steps of applying for a child passport haven’t changed, know that during the ongoing pandemic, things are moving slower and not all passport agencies or acceptance facilities have fully reopened.

Further details about the procedures of having a passport photo for your child can be deduced by looking at the video below:

How to take a baby passport photo with your smartphone?

Smartphone iD app is your one-stop solution for valid photos at home. It’s an app available on Android and iPhone. Take unlimited shots to get a photo that you like, and once our software and team have approved it, receive it shortly in your email and/or within a few days – in your mailbox.

Our artificial intelligence and human control system guarantee 100% that your child’s photo will be accepted and conform to the mandatory ICAO standards and the standards of the US State Department.


Do babies’ eyes need to be open for a passport photo?

No, babies under one-year-old do not need to have their eyes open for their passport photo. Their eyes can be closed or partially open.

Are babies allowed to smile in passport photos?

Yes, babies are allowed to smile in their passport photos. A natural smile is actually preferred, as it will help to create a more relaxed and natural-looking photo.

Can babies’ hands be in the passport photo?

No, babies’ hands should not be in the passport photo. The photo should only show the baby’s head and shoulders. If you need to support the baby’s head, you can do so with your hand, but your hand must not be visible in the photo.

Can I take my baby’s passport photo myself?

Yes, you can take your baby’s passport photo yourself, as long as you follow the official requirements and guidelines and use our easy-to-use app Smartphone iD.

How to print a baby passport photo?

If you take your baby’s passport photo yourself, you will need to print it on high-quality photographic paper. You cannot print the photo at home using a standard printer. You can take the photo to Costco store, print the ready template at walmart, or use our online printing service to have them printed and delivered to your address within a few days.

How to dress baby for passport photo?

It is best to dress your baby in a plain, light-colored top for their passport photo. Avoid clothing with stripes, patterns, or logos, as these can be distracting. You should also avoid clothing with shadows or reflections.

How many photos do I need for a baby passport?

You will need two identical passport photos for your baby’s passport application.

Where to get baby passport photos near me?

There are many places where you can get baby passport photos taken. You can go to a photo booth, a professional photographer,pharmacies like Walmart Staples Walgreens… or a passport photo service online like Smartphone iD.

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