6 Best Passport Photo Apps in 2023 for US Photos

US Passport Photo Apps

You don’t need to use a passport photo app every day, but these modern wonders sure come in handy if you want to save your dollars. No need to pay a professional to take and print pictures for your documents with all these wonderful apps to choose from.

To save you time, we have compiled a list of the 6 best passport photo apps around. Some of these apps work for iOS or Android only while others comply with both. All of the apps have a very intuitive interface, user-friendly settings and a number of templates for many kinds of documents and a wide range of countries.

1. Smartphone iD for iOS and Android


  • Get a conform, verified photo for iD, passport and Visa via email or post
  • Compatible with various countries around the world
  • Quick and convenient, everything’s done for you
  • Simple to use
  • Best price for all-inclusive service


  • None found

If you want to create approved passport photos for your passport using your smartphone you can receive them via email or post. Smartphone iD is the first mobile app that allows users to take passport photos directly from a smartphone.

Whether you need photos for your passport, drivers license or iD, Smartphone iD offers the templates and spans a wide range of countries. All you need to do is download the app, take a picture of yourself and then the AI software and team will verify that the photograph conforms to the standards of ICAO.

2. Passport ID Photo Maker Studio for Android


  • Resizes an image
  • Adds the name and date
  • User-friendly
  • Compatible with JPEG and PNG formats
  • Useful cropping feature


  • None

After being downloaded more than 5 million times, Passport ID Photo Maker Studio is among the most popular passport photo apps for android users. The app facilitates the cropping of photographs for passports, Visas, ID documents and driving licenses for a number of countries.

Using the app, you are able to print photographs with multiple paper printing sizes. These include:

  • 4×6
  • 5×7
  • A4

Once your photographs are prepared within the application, you can then order prints from Walgreens or Amazon.

The default app version offers very basic features, so if you feel the need for more functions, opt for purchasing the pro version. The PRO version offers background removal, handy photography tips and ink saver.

It should be mentioned that in-app purchases are less expensive than visiting your local passport photo printing service, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you.

3. Passport Size Photo Maker for Android


  • User-friendly
  • Economical Premium version


  • Hard to change the background
  • It takes a lot of time to select the required area in the photograph
  • The photo size is not correct for some countries

This passport photo app is a good choice for US citizens. The app provides a catalog of templates for Visas and passport suited to nearly 150 countries.

Passport Size Photo Maker also includes a wide array of photo editing tools. You can enhance white balance, change the background, adjust brightness and saturation and much more.

You can even combine your passport, Visa, or ID photo into one single A4 paper or a 4×6 or 5×7. You can then use printing shop services including CVS, Kinkos, Walgreens or Amazon.

4. Passport-Photo.Online: iOS and Android


  • Digital photo ready in seconds
  • High quality service
  • Photos correspond to required standards


  • Paid photographs

Passport-photo.online features both a normal website and an app. Both allow users to take photos for passports, ID cards or Visas (biometric docs). The app works just like a photo booth in a pocket and facilitates taking a photo for a document in mere seconds. There is no need to search for a special photo agency with this passport photo app.

When you visit the website in addition to the simple mechanism for taking photos, you also get a host of handy guidelines, requirements and recommendations on how best to take the various document photos.

5. ID Photo Free: Android


  • Works with no lagging
  • Fast and convenient


  • The number of docs is limited
  • Background removal only available in Pro version

This passport photo app allows users to create pictures for their passports or other official ID documents.

Among the most user-friendly of all apps, ID Photo Free guides users through the process of taking the perfect photograph. The app features a number of editing tools that allows users to make the required adjustments.

In comparison to other apps, it is relatively quick to edit a picture on ID Photo Free. In fact, the whole process takes only a few minutes. What’s more is that the app showcases templates for a wide range of countries.

You can even choose to edit existing photographs from your gallery using this free app that contains ads.

6. Passport Photo ID for Android


  • Highly intuitive interface


  • Quality of saved photos is average
  • Free version makes use of watermarks

Originally developed by Handy Apps, this passport photo app allows users to create official document photographs for free!

You can either take a new photo or use one that already exists. You can choose from different picture sizes to comply with all official organizations. This app has templates suited to over a hundred different countries. You can also print your photos directly from your smartphone.

Passport Photo ID is an extremely user-friendly app. All you really need is a smartphone, a white background and good lighting. Simply follow the prompts and you can get professional quality ID photographs that meet the required standards of governments around the globe.

Comparison between the Paid & Free Passport Photo Apps

FeatureFree Passport Photo AppPaid Passport Photo App-Smartphone iD
Image QualityBasic image processing toolsAdvanced editing and enhancement tools
Passport Photo TemplatesLimited template optionsWide range of official templates
Background RemovalManual and basic toolsAutomatic and precise background removal
Printing OptionsBasic printing optionsHigh-quality print options
Customer SupportLimited or no customer supportDedicated customer support
Ads and WatermarksMay have ads or watermarksNo ads or watermarks
Image ResolutionLimited resolution for free versionsHigher resolution options are available
Additional FeaturesFewer additional featuresExtra features and functionalities
User InterfaceBasic and straightforwardMore user-friendly and intuitive
File Saving OptionsLimited formats and sizesVarious formats and sizes are available
Privacy and SecurityPotential data collection and privacy concernsEnhanced privacy and security measures
Accuracy and ComplianceBasic compliance with passport photo regulationsStrict adherence to official requirements using AI & experts check
Overall Quality and ExperienceBasic functionality and experienceEnhanced features and superior quality

The Bottom Line

So there you have it! The six best passport photo apps in the United States of America! We hope you find this list useful as you go about taking your passport photo from the comfort of your own home. We recommend using Smartphone iD because it offers all the features and more in comparison to the other apps. It is also compatible with both android and iOS, not to mention it has the best price for value in the market.

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