How to Get Passport Photos at the Post Office? (The complete process in 2023)

Passport Photos at the Post Office

Post offices are among the more traditional choices for having passport photos taken, although they are not the cheapest. Many people take their photos at the post office because they have to go there for the application process anyway. However, these days, you have a wide range of passport photo services to choose from, including applications that can be used from the comfort of home like Smartphone iD.


Does the Post Office Take Passport Photos?

Yes, most of the USPS post offices take passport photos for first-time passports, renewals, and minors (children under the age of 16). Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you do have to book an appointment before going.

The appointment will assist you with the entire passport application or renewal process. You can also make an appointment at the post office lobby self-service kiosks. Be sure to phone ahead and check you’re your local post office does offer passport photos because not all of the 4800 locations do.

How to get a Passport photo at the post office?

In order to have your photo taken at the USPS, you will need to book an appointment. The appointment is for the whole application process so if you aren’t ready to apply, maybe using the post office for photos isn’t your best bet.
Here are the steps for getting a passport photo at the post office:

  1. Book an appointment
  2. Attend the appointment with the required documents
  3. Have a photo taken and printed during the appointment
  4. Submit your application

Where to Find American Post Offices?

where to find post offices in us

If you’ve decided to go ahead and get your passport photo taken when you apply, you’re going to want to find the closest post office. Use the post office locator to find a branch near you.

How much for the passport photos at the post office?

Basically, the post office charges $15.00 for two passport photos. For those who are having photos taken for a whole family, this can get quite pricey.

How long it takes to get a passport photo?

US Passport Photos time

When taking a passport photo at the post office, you can receive your passport photo immediately on the same day, ready for application.


Although many people choose to take their passport photos at the post office while applying for a passport, this can lead to an undesirable photograph. With only one chance to look your best, many people feel pressurized when taking a
passport photo at the post office.

Fortunately, Smartphone iD allows you to take a passport photo from the comfort of home. This guarantees that you can get a good shot, and the app is designed to help you meet all of the government’s requirements.

Featuring a human expert who checks your home-taken picture for compliance, your photos get verified so that the application process isn’t delayed by a rejected photograph. What’s more, is that Smartphone iD is much more
affordable than the post office and you can have pictures delivered to your doorstep.


What are the working hours of the post office?

Most post offices function from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM, but it’s probably best to double-check with your local store before making the journey. While some post offices are open on Saturdays almost none will take appointments on a Sunday.

Do Post Offices have Passport photo booths?

Most of the post offices in the USA offer services to take your passport photo. However, not all post offices do so be sure to phone your local branch to make sure.

Can the post office do infant passport photos?

Yes. Post offices offer passport photo services for children below the age of 16.

Does the post office offer digital passport photos?

No. You can only get a hard copy of a passport photo at the post office. For digital passport photos, you can use software or photo tool with your phone like smartphone ID, you need to download the app and start using it easily.

Where do I find general passport information?

You can find instructions, fees, and information on how to apply for an American passport here.

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