How to Get Passport Photos at UPS or Fedex stations

Passport photographs are currently available through both FedEx and UPS. Although both delivery companies boast thousands of shipping sites, there are far fewer UPS and Fedex facilities that are offering passport photograph services. To make sure that you’re covered, it’s a good idea to contact the sites ahead of time to make sure they offer the service.

How to Get Passport Photos at Fedex Stations

Fedex is among the biggest delivery companies in the USA and is now also becoming known for their passport photography. At the majority of FedEx Office locations, you can now get your picture taken for an official American passport. Read on to learn more about what you need to know about FedEx passport photos and services.

Renew or Obtain Expedited Passports

FedEx now provides expedited services which features smart-form automation which simplifies the process and avoids application delays. It’s not a good idea to get trapped at an airport with an expiring passport. Instead, it’s recommended to check your passport expiry date and to ensure you have a minimum of 6 months validity after the last day of your travels.

With FedEx you can renew your passport  and support is available around the clock so as to answer your every question. Expediting costs apply and real time tracking of your passport is available.

Passport Photographs

All passport applications begin with a passport photo and rejected passport photos are the top reason for passport delays in processing. Avoid these passport processing delays and use the option to have your passport photo approved before it prints.

Simply head over to your nearest FedEx Office location to get your passport photos taken. You can go to any FedEx Office countrywide and even use the option of a computer rental station to print and complete your passport application.

FedEx charges $14.95 for two government-compliant correctly sized photos that can be submitted with a passport application.

How to Get Passport Photos at UPS Stations

UPS is another big delivery company in America, and the photo department prices 2 American passport photos at $11.99.

UPS Hours for Passports

You can use the UPS passport cropping tool to make a high-quality template with two American passport photos. Remember to check the UPS hours before paying a visit to your nearest store. The majority of UPS stores are open from 9 to 19.00.

How to Get a UPS Passport Photo

The UPS passport photograph should comply with all government requirements and should be passport style. Using the passport photo template generator means you don’t need to worry about the wrong size or background. That said there are some additional requirements you should be aware of before taking your UPS passport photographs.

The guidelines mainly refer to incorrect posture, forbidden items or smiling. All of these factors can cause a photograph to be rejected. For this reason it’s very important to familiarize yourself with the US government requirements.

Requirements for a UPS Passport Photo

  • You should have a neutral facial expression with no smiling
  • The passport background should be off-white or white
  • Uniforms or extravagant clothing is forbidden, but religious clothing is allowed
  • Take off your glasses and headphones when taking a passport photo
  • Look directly into the camera and face the camera head on
  • Your whole face needs to be visible in the photograph
  • Ensure that no hair or jewelry is obscuring the face

Best Alternative to FedEx or UPS Passport Photo

Have you been looking for an alternative solution than going in store and waiting in long queues? Well then look no further because Smartphone iD allows users to take passport photos from the comfort of your own home. Smartphone iD is an amazing application, made to help you take your own compliant photographs in just a few easy steps. The app is already programmed with the dimensions of any country in the world for official verified photographs.

When you choose to use Smartphone iD, the risk of a “bad” passport photo is reduced, as you can benefit from taking as many shots as you choose. Before your photo is sent to your email (or shipped out by post), a passport photo expert will make sure that the photo meets all requirements. What’s more is that the Smartphone iD app can additionally save you time and energy because you no longer have to travel in store.

As an added bonus, Smartphone iD users are given photos in digital format that can be repeatedly used an unlimited number of times! The proper template can be ordered for delivery by post or printed at any moment. Finally, Smartphone iD only costs $4 which makes it the best, most affordable and high quality choice around!

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