Walgreens Passport Photo: Fast & Convenient Solution 2024

Walgreen's Passport Photo

One thing about applying for a passport (or renewing one) that hasn’t changed at all over the years, is the need for a photo: a print of small, precise dimensions that abides by specific rules. For travellers and tourists in need of passport photos, it can be difficult to know where to go to take and print the picture. Fortunately, a number of national pharmacy chains offer the service, including Walgreens.

What’s Good About It?

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and reliable method of getting your passport photos, Walgreen’s passport photo is definitely a good option. Get your two perfectly sized, compliant and professional-quality photos at Walgreens.

  • U.S. ID/Passport/Visa photos are ready in minutes
  • Analysed and printed using cutting edge biometric tools to guarantee compliance with international and U.S government regulations for background, size, head placement and position
  • Ideal for employees, students, travellers and gym members applying for an ID card or passport book

Where the Stores are Located

There are around 7750 Walgreen locations. To check for a store location near you so that you can get your Walgreen’s passport photo, head over to the Walgreens store locator here.

What is the Procedure and How Long Does it Take?

Walgreens stores nationwide can assist you in taking and printing a new passport photo. It isn’t necessary to make an appointment, but it is recommended to call ahead to double check that they offer the service, as not all stores do. However most do provide the service and selected Walgreens locations might even provide passport applications although these cannot be processed by Walgreen’s passport photo service.

You don’t need to bring anything with in order to get your passport photo taken. Walgreens only takes the pictures that will be used to submit with your passport application. Travelers visiting Walgreens for their passport photos can have their applications submission-ready (assuming all supporting documents are also in order) in less than an hour.

What is the Cost?

At locations across the country Walgreens staff can take your passport photo professionally and print the specified 2 inch x 2 inch photos for a total of $15.99. There is no discount for ordering extra copies of your passport photos.

Situations in Which Other Services Might Be Better

smartphone id US passport photo template sent to email
  • If a person needs a visa, ID or passport photo for a country other than the USA, Walgreens is probably not your best option – as they only provide US dimension photographs of 2 x 2 inches.
  • If a person lives far away from the city or Walgreens locations, it would be wiser to opt for an online service which will be cheaper and more convenient.
  • If a person wishes to take the photo from the comfort of home and benefit from multiple takes to get the perfect shot.

Best Alternative to Walgreens – Smartphone iD

If you’re looking for an alternative to Walgreen’s, why not take your photo yourself while at home? Smartphone iD is an app designed to help you take compliant photographs in just a few simple steps. The application can be programmed with any country’s dimensions for verified official photographs.

With Smartphone iD, you can take your own passport photo from the luxury of your own home, guaranteeing you to get the perfect shot! It also saves you time and energy from not having to travel instore.

What’s more is that unlike Walgreens services, Persons using Smartphone iD will get a photo in digital format that can be used an unlimited number of times! Also the correct template can be ordered to be delivered by post or printed at any time. Finally, Smartphone iD is 4 times more affordable than Walgreen’s and the results are of the highest quality!

Smartphone iD vs Waalgreen’s

photo show logo of smartphone iD vs Walgreens
FeaturesSmartphone iDWalgreen’s
Can you do it from anywhere?YesNo
Immediately available?YesNO
Who takes your photo?You, friends Walgreen’s Employee
Digital & printed copy?Yesprinted only
Real-time AI checkYesNo
International passport photosYesNo
24/7 supportYesNo
CostBest price on the market for professional formatting & expert checkExpensive in comparison $15.99

AI and Expert Verification: Ensuring a Compliant Passport Photo

  • The application utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure that your identity photo meets all necessary requirements. 
  • The advanced AI technology analyzes your face, brightness, and background, and ensures that the dimensions, quality, and format of the photo comply with the necessary standards.
  • Each photo is manually verified by experts to guarantee its compliance and quality, providing a double assurance that your photo will be accepted by the authorities.
  •  By intelligently utilizing your smartphone, combined with AI and expert verification, you can easily obtain a compliant passport photo, avoiding the hassle of traveling or scheduling appointments with a photographer.

Last update:11/15/2023

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