Passport Photo at Walmart, Walgreens or Costco: Which to Choose?

Walmart, Walgreens and Costco pharmacies don’t really need separate introduction. These three giants are among the most popular retail chains and drugstores that offer passport photo services throughout the USA. Most of us have used their services at least one time or another in a lifetime.

No matter your country of birth or residence, authorities require at least one passport photo when renewing or issuing a passport document. The photo has to comply with specific requirements that are unique to each government. It is important to find out who takes passport photos so that you can find a high quality service.

If your passport photographs are incorrect, it can be a major setback and delay your passport application. However, if you use a professional service you can rest assured that your photographs will not be rejected.

In this article we will compare the pros and cons of local passport services to give you an idea of which is the best place for you to get your passport photos. We will be covering points such as how easy the services are to use, what the services cost, and how effective the services are. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.


Walmart is among the biggest retail chain stores in the USA and currently runs more than 4756 outlets nationwide. Walmart has been offering a passport photo service for a while, but unlike Walgreens and Costco, they give you access so you can upload your compliant photographs on their website. Take a look at what else we learned about Walmart:

  • The Requirements are Difficult to Read

Although the major requirements are addressed on the website, the small font makes it difficult to read.

  • No Appropriate Metrics Followed

The metrics are not followed one hundred percent regarding accuracy. That said, you can still crop photographs using the customized silhouette template from the website.

  • You Can Choose Home Delivery

You have the option to either have your prints delivered or to pick them up from your nearest local Walmart store.

  • Price

You can purchase two printed photograph copies for only $7.44. However there is an extra charge for home delivery.


Walgreens is the second biggest pharmacy store in the USA, just behind CVS Health. With more than 9000 stores in operation throughout the 50 states this pharmacy is also known to provide passport photo services across the country.

However, Walgreens doesn’t offer online services such as Walmart. Instead, you need to go instore to take and print your passport photographs. Here is the information we dug up on their site in terms of passport photo services:

  • Not All Walgreens Stores Provide the Passport Photo Service

Not all of the Walgreens stores in the USA provide the passport photo service. It is even recommended on the website to call your local store ahead of time so as to check if they offer the service.

  • Store Locator

On the Walgreens website you can use this feature to locate your nearest store.

  • Authorized Metric Not Followed

There is no information on the Walgreens website which claims that the services are accurate.

  • Home Delivery Not an Option

Home delivery and online photo correction are still lacking, especially given the price of the prints.

  • Overpriced

Walgreens charges around $14.99 for two hardcopies which is very expensive in comparison to other competitors.


Costco is the second biggest retail chain after Walmart which offers passport photo services in the USA. The corporation is the third largest retailer in the world. Let’s take a look at a few things to remember before making use of their services:

  • Biometrics Not Followed

In a similar fashion to Walmart, Costco doesn’t provide any information in terms of the accuracy / biometrics followed in their photographs.

  • Can’t Order Online or for Home Delivery

In contrast to Walmart, you cannot print passport photos online or have them delivered to your home.

  • Affordable Price

Costco offers four printed hardcopies for only $5.99, making it the most competitively priced out of the three.

Best Alternative to Walmart, Walgreen’s or Costco Passport Photo

If you’ve been searching for a good alternative to the above mentioned pharmacies, it’s a great idea to take your photo yourself at home. Smartphone iD is a cutting edge application designed to assist you in taking compliant photos in only a few simple steps. The app is programmed with the dimensions of any country for verified official photos.

By using Smartphone iD, you can take your very own passport photo from the comfort of your own home, increasing your chances of getting the perfect shot.  Before your photo is sent to your email (or shipped out by post), a passport photo expert will make sure that the photo meets all requirements. Smartphone iD can also save you energy and time from not having to travel to your nearest store.

Additionally, unlike the above services, people who use Smartphone iD will be given a photograph in digital format that can be used an unlimited number of times! Furthermore, the correct template can be ordered to be delivered by post or printed at any time. Lastly, Smartphone iD costs only $4, making it the most affordable high quality option!

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