New technology to validated the identity

Expert in secure photo ID

Photo ID remains the fastest and safest way to identify and authenticate a customer.

Smartphone iD  has developed a technology to validated the identity of a persone using a photo ID taken  from a smartphone and securely the transfer of money from person to person thanks the facial authentication feature.

Facial authentication makes more difficult the fraudulent use of someone identity. Thus limiting the identity theft risk.

Provide against legal risks

If your company

exposes itself to major regulatory risks as the regulators toughening sanctions against money laundering, terrorism  financing and fraudulent transactions.

if your company

must provide evidence to the various regulators. the implementation and operative effectiveness of new AML controls around mobile transfer.

We have the solutions to protect your business

How ?

  • Provide added value to your customers by improving his (her) journey through the app: in case of loss or theft of an official document, no more need of passport, ID card to validate the identity of a customer …
  • Increase of security and controls,
  • by demonstrating to the regulators of stronger controls around the validation of customers’ identity.
  • secure digital identity validation embedded in your company smartphone app,
  • Smartphone iD becomes vis-à-vis the regulator a third-party certifiers.