Is a Passport Photo Studio the Best Way to Get Approved Photos in 2023?

Passport Photo Studio

Have you always wanted to get that professional Passport photo service? Well, maybe you can, without the expensive cost of a Passport photo studio! Make sure you get a compliant Passport photo for your application to avoid rejection and delays. Use our carefully researched article to give you an idea about the best way to get approved Passport photos in 2023.

Is a Passport Photo Studio a Good Choice to Get an Approved Photo in AU

Getting an appointment with a Passport photo studio can be a good choice for anyone who is unsure how to take a Passport photo, or just needs a helping hand in the process. However, this option can be quite expensive so it’s not a great option for those who want a budget-friendly Passport photo.

So while a Passport photo studio can be good for compliant Passport photos, there are definitely quicker, cheaper and more flexible options available to you. Such as our app, ‘Smartphone iD’.

So why use a Passport photo app like ‘Smartphone iD’?

  • Smartphone iD: Passport photos are a crucial part of Passport processing. That’s why our team checks Passport photos thoroughly and uses AI to ensure that your photo meets all requirements!
  • We use biometric data analysis as well as professional examination for the best results, so you can travel without worrying about what might be wrong with it.
  • We offer a government approval guarantee as well as a money-back guarantee.
  • We’ve designed our app to be convenient with everything from quick and secure payment processing, to easy photo taking when using the app.
    • You don’t need an appointment or any additional paperwork just take a photo.
  • ‘Smartphone iD’ is convenient as you don’t have to leave the house to get a Passport photo!
    • We offer printed delivery as well as digital delivery, whatever suits you!

Which Passport Photo Studio to Go in AU

Once you find the perfect deal for your Passport photo, you’ll be ready for travel in no time! Here are some of the best Passport photo studios you can go to get compliant Passport photos in AU.

In Perth

  • Perfect Photos: The location is 459 Hay St. You can get Passport photo prints here.

In Sydney

  • Digital Foto World: Location is Shop R12B, 324 Pitt St inside food court building. You can get Passport photo prints here.

In Melbourne

  • The Photo Shop: The location is 215 Bay St. You can get compliant Passport photo prints here.

In Brisbane

  • JnJ Photography: Located at 7/780 Boundary Rd. You can get compliant Australian Passport photos here.

In Adelaide

  • Konica Photo Express: Located at 136 North Terrace, Shop/19 Station Arcade. You can get compliant Australian Passport photos here.

How to get a Passport Photo Studio Near Me

Looking for compliant Passport photos near you? Here are some tips to help you find a Passport photo studio near you.

How to get Cheap Passport photos near me in Australia:

  • Try an online search for “Australian Passport photo studio near me” or “Australian Passport photo studio near me in [your city]”
    • If you’re going to go to a photo studio to get a Passport photo, make sure you find out their opening times!
  • Sometimes photo studios will have an online locator so you can find one near you.
  • Phone up your local photo studio to find out the locations of their photography services.
  • Smartphone iD: Get certified photos, verified by our biometrics experts and AI, with digital (email) or printed delivery. We offer a great competitive price and a money-back guarantee. You can get all this from the comfort of home, using your smartphone!

Does a Passport Photo Studio Take Baby Passport Photo

Photo Studio Take Baby Passport Photo

Trying to entertain your little one at a photo studio for a Passport photo can be draining! Well, there’s no need anymore. Baby Passport photos are simply, so easy with ‘Smartphone iD’. Using all the latest verification techniques (AI, biometric experts), we’ll verify your little one’s Passport photo in no time.

What are you going to do with all this extra time and flexibility you have by using ‘Smartphone iD’? While photo studios can provide baby Passport photos, they can be rather expensive as well as not always ideally located.Make sure to follow the baby Passport photo requirements, if you take your own baby Passport photo.

Does a Photo Studio Provide Digital Passport Copies

We all want to know about the cheapest and most convenient way of doing things. Well getting a compliant Passport photo is no different. Getting digital copies of your Passport photo and printing them through a photo centre can be the most budget-friendly way.

Some photo studios may not be able to provide digital copies of your Passport photos. In addition to that, you’ll be paying extra for digital copies when you don’t need to. Just use ‘Smartphone iD’, it’s much cheaper and we provide everything you need.

The Cost of Passport Photo Studios in AU

It’s common knowledge that professional Passport photo services will be able to provide a compliant Passport photo. But there’s the issue of cost.

It really depends on the provider you use as to what cost you pay, but you can expect around 15-20$ or more for a Passport photo at a photo studio.

If that puts you off, we don’t blame you. So take a look at our solution.

Our professional service is the ‘Smartphone iD’ Passport photo app. It’s a great option because it’s cheap, convenient and secure with a money-back guarantee.

Passport Photo Studio vs Smartphone iD

Passport Photo Studio vs Smartphone iD

If you’re not sure which service to continue with for your Passport photo, check out our comparisons of the pros and cons.

Smartphone iD Regular Photo booths and Photo shops  
Always get premium expert validation cannot provide ALL photo formats and requirements for each country, 
No need to leave the houseare located only in cities.
Cheaper and faster than any other providerYou’re required to pay for not only photos and service, but transportation too. 
100% government acceptance or money returned No real customer support after getting a photo, even when it’s refused by government. 
 Available 24/7 Most services are closed when you’re available, even when you’re not busy at work. 
Everything is done for you (verification, formatting, printing)It requires more effort, time and money.


While the photo studio has been a long-time go-to for Passport photos, that’s not true anymore. With advances in technology, it’s so easy to get compliant Passport photos by using professional Passport photo apps, like ‘Smartphone iD’. With our full money-back guarantee and quick and secure service, what have you got to lose?

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