Photo Identification Card: An Easy Method That’ll Work For You in 2023

 Photo Identification Card AU

Is your photo identification card application holding you back? Don’t wait any longer! Not only can you get your photo identification card application finished today, but you can also get the Passport quality photos you’ll need in minutes. Read this article to sort your photo identification card out today!

What is a Photo Identification Card

Whether you’re going shopping or want to enter age-restricted locations, like the cinema, a photo identification card is extremely helpful. Individuals who are too young to be eligible for a Passport or Driver’s licence can get a photo identification card.

The card is valid for ten years. It carries the same level of authority as a driver’s license and shows:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Signature
  • Photo

Who is Eligible for a Photo Identification Card

Anyone who is over the age of 15 years and does not hold a Driver’s licence or Passport is eligible to apply for a photo identification card in Australia.

What are the Required Documents to Apply for a Photo Identification Card?

To make a successful photo identification card application, you must follow the guidelines for submitting documents and information during the application process.

Required Documents to Apply for a Photo Identification Card

  • Completed photo identification card application form
  • 3 different copies of documents from the list below to evidence your identity:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport
    • Debit/Credit card
  • Pay the photo identification card fee

How to Apply For a Photo Identification Card?

There are two ways in which you can apply for a photo identification card. Follow the steps below to make a successful application.

In Person

If you want to apply in person you can do so at the following locations:

  • Transport and Motoring Customer Service Centre
  • Participating Queensland Government Agency Program Offices (QGAP)
  • Police Stations that provide licensing services

Once you have found one of these locations, you’ll be able to get a copy of the application form, complete the necessary steps and submit the necessary documents.

By Mail

You can also apply by mail for a photo identification card:

  1. Navigate to this website to download the Photo Identification Card Kit
  2. Complete the application form using black ink
  3. Sign the form with an approved witness: 
    1. A medical practitioner
    1. A police officer
    1. A solicitor, barrister or judge
    1. A Justice of the Peace or a Commissioner for Declarations
    1. A notary public or a person authorised by law to witness and sign declarations
    1. A consular or ambassadorial officer.
  4. Provide 2 copies of a colour Passport quality photo (an approved witness must sign the back of each)
  5. Include your evidence of identity documents
  6. Include a cheque or money order with your application in the mail to pay the fee
  7. Send your application to: 
    1. Department of Transport and Main Roads
    1. Attention: Manager
    1. Dalby Customer Service Centre
    1. PO Box 767
    1. DALBY QLD 4405

Photo Identification Card Requirements

Your photo identification card photo must be compliant with the requirements, otherwise, your application will be rejected.

Australia Photo Identification Card Photo Requirements

Photo Quality

  • If you take your own photo, the photo must be sharp with no visible pixels or printing errors.
  • Provide two identical, less than six-month-old colour prints for your application
  • The photos must not be printed from an inkjet printer
  • No cosmetic retouching is permitted (such as removal of background, moles, wrinkles or scars).
  • Resolution of 600dpi or higher

Your Appearance

  • Ensure your face is entirely visible in the photo
  • Head coverings and hats are forbidden except for medical or religious reasons
  • Jewellery, glasses and sunglasses are not allowed to be worn

Your Posture

  • Keep a neutral expression for the photo
  • Face the camera directly on and centre yourself in the frame


To get an Australian photo identification card photo you can use, you follow the photo identification card photo dimensions that are required by the Australian government.

Australian Photo Identification Card photo Size Requirements

  • An Australian photo identification card photo must be 35mm-40mm wide and 45mm-50mm high
  • In the photo identification card photo, your head must be a maximum of 36mm and a minimum of 32mm from chin to crown.

Where to Take an Approved Photo Identification Card in AU

You may be overwhelmed by the amount of choices as to where you can get a photo identification card photo in AU. However, through our research, we’ve narrowed it down a bit for you.

Make sure you choose a professional method of getting your photos, as the Australian government says they must be of Passport quality.

If you’re unable to get into town for a Passport quality photo, check out the Smartphone iD app. You can take pre-approved photo identification card photos verified by our AI software and biometrics experts, with guaranteed government approval or your money back.

Where to Take an Approved Photo Identification Card in AU

  • Kmart: You can get a 4×6 (10 x 15 cm) and it costs only $0.10. Uploading your photo identification card photo to Kmart is a good way to print a compliant photo.
  • Officeworks: Take a compliant Australian photo identification card photo at Officeworks. You also receive a certificate of compliance.
  • Kodak Moments: You can print photos directly from your camera roll using a Kodak Moments Kiosk. The Wifi connected self-service photo printing station can easily be used to print photos from your phone.
  • Photo Studio: A photo studio is a good place to get photo identification card photos. If you can get an appointment, this could work for you. It’s usually more expensive than most other options!
  • Smartphone iD: If you want an all-in-one stop for getting a compliant photo identification card with digital or printed delivery and speedy services, choose ‘Smartphone iD’!

What is the Cost of a Photo Identification Card

There is one fee for the photo identification card application. You simply have to include this in your application by mail or pay in person when you submit your forms and documents.

The cost of the photo identification card fee is $74.85 AUD

What is the Processing Time for a Photo Identification Card

Once you have submitted your application, with all the correct documents and compliant Passport quality photos, you should get your photo identification card within 35 days through the standard postal service to your mailing address.

Take a Photo Identification Card With Your Phone

Take a Photo Identification Card With Your Phone in AU

Regardless of why you need a photo identification card, you’ll certainly need to submit two Passport quality photos in your application.

Did you know you can do that with your smartphone?

In fact, you just need to download Smartphone iD to get certified biometric photos without any special equipment!

Our team of experts will process your photos to make sure they’re approved by the Australian government or we’ll send you a full refund.

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Don’t let a lack of photo identification stop you anymore! It’s easy to apply for a photo identification card when you’ve got the right tools and know-how. It’s especially easy when you’ve got the simplest way to take biometric photos from the comfort of your home.

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