Everything You Wanted to Know About US Work Visa for Australian in 2023

Did you know a US work visa for Australians is one of the few ways to work and live in the US? If you’re not quite sure how to apply and get approved, there’s nothing to worry about! Read this article and find out everything you wanted to know about US work visas for Australians in 2023.

What is a US Work Visa for Australian

The US government has created a special type of visa for Australians called the E-3 (specialty occupation only for Australian nationals). This is for Australian nationals who wish to work temporarily as a nonimmigrant. To get approved for this visa, you’ll have to get your potential employer to file a petition to the US government on your behalf. This petition needs to be approved for you to be able to get a work visa.

How to Apply for a US Work Visa

You can easily apply for your US Work Visa for an Australian online, follow the steps below to find out how.

How to Apply for a US Work Visa

  1. Navigate to the US Work Visa for Australians application website
  2. Pay the US Work Visa fee before starting your application
  3. Obtain and fill in a Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form
  4. Schedule an appointment through the US Work Visa application website
  5. Attend your appointment at the US consulate with all necessary documents

What are the Documents Required for a US Work Visa

When planning to work in the US as an Australian you will have to understand the requirements that are necessary for a US work visa. Make sure you collect all the correct documents you will need when you submit your application and attend your scheduled appointment.

Documents Required for a US Work Visa

  • Evidence that shows your job qualifications and level of education.
  • Original copies from all employers past and present, detailing the sort of work you have done and do.
  • Any pay slips from the current year if you are already working in the US and hold a H-1B visa
    • Federal tax returns from any US employers you have worked for
    • Pay slips from your most recent employer
    • Names and phone numbers of your managers at the workplaces you have been employed past and present
    • A CV or resume

When to Apply for a US Work Visa

You will need to apply 90 days before you start working for your employer if you are planning to live and work in the US as an Australian national. You are only able to use the visa to apply for entry to the US ten days before the start of your approved status period which can be found on your I-797 document.

What is a US Working-Holiday Visa for an Australian

If you want to work temporarily in the US as an Australian national, you can apply for an H-2B visa. However, this is for employment where there is a shortage of US workers.

To be able to get this visa, the company you’re seeking to work for must acquire a Department of Labor certification to show that there aren’t any employable US workers available for the position you wish to work in.

You can stay and work in the US for up to 3 years using the H-2B visa.

What is the Validity of US Work Visa in USA

Once you have applied for and successfully received your US work visa (E-3 visa) as an Australian national, it will be valid for two years of working in the US.

What is the Cost of a US Work Visa

Ensure you know the full cost of your travel and work plans before you start applying for the documents you need.

The cost of the US work Visa (E-3 visa) application fee is 348.50$ AUD.

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