NZ baby passport photo at half of the price in 2024

Similar to an adult’s passport in NZ, a baby passport photo has some requirements that must be met. The rules for acquiring a baby passport in NZ vary with age. This article will walk you through the steps for taking a good baby passport photo, including the technical requirements, tips for getting your baby to cooperate, and where to get your baby’s passport photo taken.

 Technical Requirements for New Zealand Baby Passport Photos

  • The photo must be in colour and must meet the following dimensions: 35mm x 45mm
  • The photo must be taken with a plain white background
  • Your baby must have a neutral expression, and their mouth must be closed
  • The photo must be taken no more than six months ago
  • Your baby must be facing the camera directly, and their head must be centred in the frame
  • Your baby must not be wearing glasses, sunglasses, or a hat

Tips for Taking a Good Baby Passport Photo

  • Choose the right time of day. The best time to take your baby’s passport photo is in the morning or afternoon when the light is soft and natural. Avoid taking the photo in direct sunlight, as this can create harsh shadows.
  • Find a plain white background. A white wall or sheet is a perfect background for your baby’s passport photo. Make sure that the background is free of any distractions, such as paintings or toys.
  • Get your baby’s attention. Getting a baby to look at the camera for a photo can be difficult, but there are a few things you can do to try. Try making funny faces or noises or using a toy to grab their attention. You can also try feeding your baby or giving them a pacifier to help them calm down.
  • Take the photo from slightly above the baby so their head is not cut off in the frame.
  • Make sure the baby’s mouth is closed and no objects are obscuring their face.
  • Be patient. It may take a few tries to get a good passport photo of your baby. Don’t get discouraged if your baby doesn’t cooperate right away. Just keep trying, and eventually you’ll get the perfect shot.

Where to Get Your Baby’s Passport Photo Taken

You can get your baby’s passport photo taken at any professional passport photo studio. However, some pharmacies and grocery stores also offer passport photo services. Be sure to call ahead to ensure that the place you choose offers baby passport photos.

If you’re taking your baby’s passport photo at home, follow the technical requirements above. You can use the smartphone iD app to take the photo for a quick, easy and cheap solution.

Baby Passport Photo Costs in NZ

Generally, the cost of a baby passport photo in the UK is not lower than NZ$10. However, you can expect to pay more than that if you use a professional photographer for your baby’s passport photos.

Choosing the Smartphone iD app gives a great price on high-quality passport photos.

How to take a passport photo of your baby with your phone.

Use the Smartphone iD app at the most convenient time when your baby is in a good mood. Send us the photo, and we will verify whether it can be accepted. Then, after photo straightening, background removal and format adaptation, a properly fit photo will be sent to your email.


1. Through our website

  Click the “Take a photo” button on the Smartphone iD website, select the required country, “NZ,” and document type, “passport.” Take your photo. After our team of experts and the AI system validate the photo, you will receive it via email.

2. Through our mobile app

  • Download the Smartphone iD app on your phone.
  • Capture your NZ passport photo by following the instructions in the Smartphone iD app.
  • After our team of experts and the AI system validate the photo, you will receive it via email

You should follow these steps

  1. Choose a location with ample natural light.
  2. Place a white sheet on a flat surface to lay your baby on.
  3. Place your camera phone around 1 to 1.5 meters away from your baby.
  4. Take the photo from directly above your baby, ensuring that the entire head and face are visible in the frame.

It’s important to ensure that the photo meets the requirements for passport photos, such as having a plain background and a clear, focused image of the face. Additionally, make sure that your baby’s eyes are open and visible in the photo.


To obtain a New Zealand baby passport photo, visit a local photography studio or use a dedicated passport photo app. Smartphone iD app offers affordable options for creating compliant passport photos for infants. Ensure the photo meets New Zealand’s passport requirements for babies to ensure a smooth application process.

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