Guaranteed No Stress British Passport in Australia

British Passport in Australia

Stressed out by your British passport about to expire? Read this article for a guaranteed no stress way to get your British passport in Australia! The most important part of the process is getting a compliant digital passport photo for the application. So make sure to choose a professional service that will help you rest easy! Keep reading to find out all you need to know. Let’s get started!

Can You Renew Your British Passport in Australia?

If you’re looking to renew your British passport in Australia, you’ll be relieved that there’s no need to make any special visits to the embassy or consulate. In fact, all you need to do in most circumstances is have an internet connection and your old passport to hand. However, if you don’t have a connection to the internet, you can apply by post, though it may take a lot longer!

Once you have submitted all the necessary documents such as compliant passport photos and your old passport, the UK government will process your application. This can take quite a while, so make sure you’ve not got any up-and-coming travel plans, as you’ll need a passport for any sort of travel between countries.

We can make sure you take passport photos that are up to standard, through the AI algorithm and expert checks we use in our passport photo app – Smartphone iD. Why not check out our government approval guarantee and money-back guarantee?

How to Renew Your British Passport in Australia?

The process of renewing your British passport in Australia can be quite simple if you know what to do and you have the correct documents in place. You can easily apply through the UK government’s online application website.

This won’t take long, provided you’ve got compliant digital passport photos. You’ll also need a payment method such as a credit card or debit card.

How to Renew Your British Passport in Australia

  1. Navigate to the UK government’s overseas passport application website
  2. Get a compliant digital passport photo (Smartphone iD)
  3. Fill in the overseas passport application
  4. Collect the necessary documents for your application
  5. Pay the overseas passport application fee with a debit or credit card
  6. Confirm your identity if required by the UK government
  7. Receive your new passport in the post

What are the Required Documents to Renew Your Passport?

To renew your British passport in Australia, you’ll have to add some documents to your application, otherwise, the UK government will not be able to issue you with a passport renewal. Make sure you find out which documents you will need by going to the UK government’s overseas passport website.

Required Documents to Renew Your Passport

  • Your old passport
  • A recent digital passport photo that is 35mm x 45mm
  • Name change certificate (if applicable)

If you have lost your passport, or it has been stolen:

  • You’ll need to have someone confirm your identity during the online application

What is the Processing Time to Renew Your Passport?

The time it takes for your new British passport to be processed will depend on various factors. The HM Passport Office can sometimes experience delays due to unforeseen circumstances and therefore passport applications will take longer to process.

However, your British passport application should usually take around 10 weeks to get processed and then a further 3 weeks for it to arrive in Australia. So the whole process can take up to 13 weeks, perhaps even longer if there are delays.

What is the Cost to Renew Your British Passport?

You might be pleased to find out that the cost to renew your British passport doesn’t change, regardless of where you are applying from across the world. So, the costs for applying from Australia are the same as applying from the UK.

In addition, the cost of renewing your British passport is cheaper when you apply for it online rather than through the post. So if you want to make further savings with your British passport renewal application, apply online!

British Passport Online Renewal Costs

  • Adult Online Standard Passport Fee: £75.50
  • Adult Online 50-Page Passport Fee: £85.50
  • Child Online Standard Passport Fee: £49
  • Child Online 50-Page Passport Fee: £59

British Passport Posted Renewal Costs

  • Adult Posted Standard Passport Fee: £85
  • Adult Posted 50-Page Passport Fee: £95
  • Child Posted Standard Passport Fee: £58.50
  • Child Posted 50-Page Passport Fee: £68.50

Where to Get a British Passport Photo (Cheap, Fast & Approved)

If you definitely need to renew your British Passport in Australia, you’re going to have to take a compliant passport photo in a digital format. Whether that means travelling to your nearest photo studio or somehow finding a photo booth that offers digital copies.

Does that sound like too much work? Well, we’ve got an answer for you! It’s called Smartphone iD.

With our passport photo app, not only can you take pre-approved passport photos that comply with all government requirements, but you can do it all from home using your smartphone! We’ll guarantee 100% government approval or we’ll send you a full refund.

What are you going to do with all that extra free time you’ve got from using the Smartphone iD App from home?

With Smartphone iD

  • 100% government approval for your photo
  • Best value for the price
  • No long waiting times
  • Fast 24/7 service


Now that your British passport renewal can be completed online from any location, why not do the same when taking your passport photo?

A compliant digital passport photo is the most important part when it comes to your British passport renewal, so make sure you’ve got one. Use Smartphone iD from home to have peace of mind that your digital passport photo will be accepted by British passport officials.

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