Quick Solutions to Passport Fees in Australia in 2023

Dreading how much your Australia passport fees will cost you in 2023? Don’t worry! Whilst it can be eye-watering how much a passport costs in Australia, there are ways to reduce the overall cost of your application. Read this article to find out the quick solutions to passport fees in Australia in 2023!

What are the Passport Fees in Australia?

If you need to travel abroad as an Australian citizen, you’ll need to have a passport. This document gives you access to travel to many different countries. As well as needing a few documents for your application, you’ll need to pay a fee depending on which criteria your application will match.

Take a look at the fees for each type of passport application below.

10 Years Aged 16 and Over

The cost for a new passport in this category is $325 AUD

5 Years for Children Under 16

The cost for a new passport in this category is $164 AUD

5 Years Validity Passport (optional for persons 75 and over)

The cost for a new passport in this category is $164 AUD

Passport Renewal Fee

The cost for a new passport in this category is $204 AUD

Emergency Passport

The cost for a new passport in this category is $204 AUD

Where to Pay the Passport Fee?

To pay the passport application fee, you will have to go to an Australia Post branch or a passport office. Australia Post can take most types of credit or debit cards, as well as cash. However, the passport office will not accept cash as a form of payment. So make sure you are prepared before going out.

When Do You Pay the Passport Fee?

You will need to pay the passport application fee once you have completed all the forms and collected the necessary documents. You can then pay the fee once you submit your entire application.

What is the Passport Photo Price?

Usually, a passport photo can cost up to $25 AUD or even more if you choose to go with photo studios. However, you do not always need to pay the highest price to get the highest quality product. There are services out there that can provide you with a high-quality passport photo for a fair cost.

If you need a quick and secure way to take pre-approved passport photos, why not try Smartphone iD? We’ll make sure that your photos are 100% certified and compliant with government standards or we’ll give you a full refund.

How to Get a Passport in AU at a Low Fee ?

Why go out into the city for a passport photo when you don’t have to? You can now get high-quality passport photos from home for the best price. You’ll have difficulty finding a more cost-effective way than taking your passport photos with your phone in hand, using ‘Smartphone iD’.

Not only this, but if you take the time to get an approved passport photo from a professional service such as Smartphone iD, you’ll avoid having to spend lots of time and money in photo booths and other services that don’t provide the same guarantees that we do.

Getting a cheap Australian Passport photo couldn’t be easier when you use ‘Smartphone iD’! We offer digital and printed delivery as well as dual-certified (AI, biometrics experts) compliance checks.


Whilst the fees for an Australian passport are the same within their own categories, getting a passport photo can just add extra expense on top of your application. So make sure you use a professional service that delivers quality but is also the best value for the price, like Smartphone iD!

Whether you’re at home or at work, there’s no need to do passport photos the difficult way. Just use Smartphone iD to make your Australian passport application cheap with low fees. With our government approval guarantee and our money-back guarantee, you’ll not find a better way!

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