Essential Child’s Passport Tips in AU

Tired of using expensive services to get your child’s passport application sorted? You can start saving money today! One of the most important things in a child’s passport application is the photo. Why pay more for passport photos when you don’t have to? Read our article to find out the essential child’s passport tips in AU. Let’s get started.

How to Apply for a Child’s Passport in AU?

It’s quite easy to complete a child’s passport application in Australia, follow the steps below to find out how.

How to Apply for a Child’s Passport in AU

  1. Navigate to the Australian Government’s Child Passport website
  2. Read the instructions
  3. Gather all necessary documents for the application
  4. Find a guarantor to sign the application form
  5. Complete the child’s passport application form
  6. Submit your application and pay the fee
  7. Receive your child’s Passport by post or pick it up at a Post Office

What are the Required Documents for a Child’s Passport in AU?

Not only do you have to submit a compliant passport-style photo of your child for a child’s passport application, but you need to gather other documents to supplement the application too. So when you’re planning to travel abroad, make sure you have everything you need to get your little one’s passport sorted for your travel dates.

Required Documents for a Child’s Passport in AU

  • Your child’s full birth certificate
  • Proof to show that your child is an Australian citizen
  • Proof that shows a name change if applicable
  • Court documents and supplementary Passport forms to show who has parental responsibility
  • Two Passport size photos that are compliant with the Passport photo requirements

What is the Cost of a Child’s Passport in AU?

If you’re thinking about travelling with your children, you should probably consider how much their passports will cost. The under-16s passport is considerably cheaper, which may factor into when you apply for a passport for your child.

  • The cost of a 5-year Under-16 Australian child’s Passport is $155 AUD.
  • The cost of a 10-year Over-16 Australian child’s passport is $308 AUD.

What is the Processing Time for a Child’s Passport in AU?

If you have submitted a child’s passport application, once the Australian government receives it, they’ll start processing the application. If you have submitted everything that is required, there shouldn’t be any problems or delays.

However, you might be contacted for supporting documents for your child’s passport application. This can happen when there are mistakes or errors, or you have submitted a non-compliant passport photo.

Once your child’s application has been approved, it can take a minimum of 6 weeks for your child’s Passport to be posted to you, or sent to a Post Office for you to pick up.

Where to Get a Child’s Passport Photo Fast, Quick & Cheap

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to getting a child’s passport photo. It can be difficult to know what to do in this situation. Make sure you choose a professional service that can provide a high-quality photo that is guaranteed to be approved by the government – like Smartphone iD.

Here are some options for getting a child’s passport photo:

  • Kmart: Print out your passport photos using Kmart’s ‘4 x 6 inch’ (10×15 cms) printing template for $0.10 per printed photo. Just make sure your child’s passport photo is compliant with all requirements – you can use our Smartphone iD to make this process fast and quick.
  • Photo Booth: These may be cheap, however, there are no guarantees that your photo will be acceptable. Why take the risk when you won’t be able to get a refund if it goes wrong?
  • Smartphone iD: Not only can we guarantee your child’s passport photo will be 100% acceptable, but we can also send them to you in minutes via email or print them onto professional photographic paper. Using AI and biometric experts, we’ll review your photos before sending them over, so you can have peace of mind that your biometric photos will get accepted.

How to Get a Child’s Passport Fast?

It’s well known that governments have strict requirements and rules for their passport applications. There’s little room for error, which can make the passport application process seem overwhelming!

However, if you get the chance to get a pre-approved passport photo, you’re much more likely to have your child’s passport application accepted the first time around. This will save you precious time and money.

Using a passport photo app such as Smartphone iD, you can get pre-approved passport photos at the best value for the price. You’ll accelerate the passport application process, gain time and save money! What’s not to like?


While you could get your child’s passport photo at a booth or studio, there’s no need to anymore. With advances in smartphone technology, everything you need to take high-quality passport photos is on your phone. With Smartphone iD, you can get pre-approved passport photos from the comfort of your home, or wherever you want to!

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