Your Questions Answered About Australian Passport Guarantors in 2023

Not sure if you need a passport guarantor? Start here! This article will tell you everything you need to know about passport guarantors when applying for an Australian passport. It’s key to have a guarantor that meets the requirements, so read on to get all your questions answered about passport guarantors. Let’s get started!

Why Do You Need a Guarantor for a Passport?

Applying for a passport is a strict process which requires you to submit identity documents as well as have a guarantor for your application. You need a guarantor when applying for a passport so the Australian government can verify that you are the person who is applying for a passport.

It is necessary to have an approved guarantor who meets the criteria for your passport application, otherwise, you’re unlikely to succeed in getting a passport.

Who Can Be a Guarantor for an Australian Passport?

You don’t need a guarantor if you’re just renewing your passport, but if you’re applying for a new passport, you’ll need a guarantor. There are a few criteria that your guarantor must meet in order to guarantee your passport application.

Who Can Be a Guarantor for an Australian Passport

  • Your guarantor must be an adult Australian citizen. They need to have known you for a year at least.
  • Your guarantor cannot be a relative, in a relationship with you, or living at your address.

Australian Passport Guarantor Requirements

When finding your guarantor, you should make sure they meet the requirements so that your passport application can be successful.

Australian Passport Guarantor Requirements

  • Guarantor’s Name
  • Guarantor’s Phone Number
  • Guarantor’s Passport Details
    • or the guarantor’s address which has been on the electoral roll for no less than 12 months

What Should the Passport Guarantor Do?

When applying for an Australian passport, it’s important that you have a guarantor or referee. So what should the passport guarantor or referee do?

Passport Referee

  • When applying online, your passport referee isn’t required to sign any documents. However, they must be able to confirm the applicant’s identity if contacted.

Passport Guarantor

  • When applying through paper application, your passport guarantor needs to sign section 11 of the application.
  • Your passport guarantor also needs to sign the back of any passport photos you include in the application with – ‘This is a true photo of [your full name]”. This must be written in black ink.

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