A Surprising Secret to Help You Choose a Passport Photo Maker in 2023

Have you thought about using a passport photo maker, but you’re just not sure? Once you’ve read this article you can have the confidence to make a decision! Getting a passport photo in the correct format is really important, so you get your passport as quickly and cheaply as possible. So use this article to your advantage and find out the surprising secret to help you choose a passport photo maker. Let’s go!

Which Criteria to opt-in When Choosing a Passport Photo Maker?

Not sure how to get the perfect passport photo when choosing a passport photo maker? Well, there are a few criteria that will help you to make the right decision when it comes to this. So let’s take a look at the most important points.

Which Criteria to opt-in When Choosing a Passport Photo Maker

  • Compliance Check: It’s important to make sure your photo is correctly produced and in line with government standards. To be sure of this, you can get a pre-check on your passport photo before you submit it with your passport application.
  • Full Compatibility: There are some passport photo makers that do not provide the capability of being able to produce a correct biometric photo that is suitable for any country and any document. So whether you need a passport or visa for any country, use a service that provides full compatibility.
  • Digital or Printed Delivery: For full flexibility, it can be great to have the option of a digital photo or a printed photo. Sometimes you might need to make a paper application through the post. Where at other times you might need a digital copy of your photo.
  • Smartphone iD: Our app can meet all of these criteria, whether it be low-cost or 24/7 customer support, it’s the best passport photo maker to take your passport photo with!

The Best Passport Photo Maker in AU to Consider

If you’re thinking about getting a passport photo using a passport photo maker, we’ve compiled some information below to help you choose. Usually, choosing a professional paid passport photo maker will give you the best results as most free services do not provide compliance checks. This means that when using them, you might not get an acceptable photo, causing delays to your passport application.

Passport Photo Makers in AU to Consider

  1. idphoto4you: Produce a passport photo for your travels. You can crop your photo once uploaded, though there is no check for compliance.


  • Cropping feature available
  • Multiple sizes available


  • No compliance check
  • No face detection check

2. 123passportphoto: No background removal, but you can create most identification document photos with this website.


  • Cropping feature available
  • Background enhancement
  • Suitable for 600 dpi printing


  • No background removal
  • Need a photography camera

3. Smartphone iD App: If you want to create approved passport photos for your passport using your smartphone you can receive them via email or post. Smartphone iD is the first mobile app that allows users to take passport photos directly from a smartphone.


  • Get a conform, verified photo for ID, passport and Visa via email or post
  • Compatible with various countries around the world
  • Quick and convenient, everything’s done for you
  • Simple to use
  • Best price for all-inclusive service


  • The free version doesn’t include a compliance check

4. Kmart App: Ensure your passport photo meets all requirements, upload and crop your Passport photo in the Kmart photo app. You can then print and pick it up in-store or get it delivered.


  • Crop feature
  • Printing in-store or home delivery


  • No compliance check
  • Takes longer than other apps

What is the Cost of a Passport Photo Maker?

You don’t have to pay huge amounts to get a high-quality passport photo that will be guaranteed to be accepted. However, you need to choose the right service that will get the job done. Most passport photo makers can cost between $7-$20 AUD, but the quality of the product can vary.

So make sure you do the research before committing to a course of action. Smartphone iD can give you not only a great passport photo experience but our service provides excellent value for the price.

Which Passport Size Photo Maker Provides Digital Passport Photos With a Code?

Not every passport photo maker offers a digital code when processing your photo.

When looking around for the best passport maker that provides digital passport photos with a code, you need to make sure they have AI checks and expert reviews. Additionally, they should have a money-back guarantee in place with 24/7 customer support in case something goes wrong. Well, this is exactly what makes our Smartphone iD app so perfect!

Why Choose Smartphone iD Among the Other Passport Photo Makers?

Are you tired of trying to organise your life around getting a photo appointment for your passport? It can take quite an effort to go out and get everything sorted. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to anymore. That’s why Smartphone iD exists.

Read below to find out why you should choose Smartphone iD!

Why Choose Smartphone iD?

  • Our passport photo maker is fully equipped to provide you with government-approved passport photos at a low cost.
  • Passport photos are a crucial part of passport processing. That’s why our biometrics team will check every passport photo thoroughly and we use AI to ensure that your photo meets all requirements!
  • We offer a government approval guarantee as well as a money-back guarantee.
  • We’ve designed our app to be convenient with everything from quick and secure payment processing, to easy photo taking when using the app.
    • You don’t need an appointment or any additional paperwork just take a photo.
  • ‘Smartphone iD’ is convenient as you don’t have to leave the house to get a Passport photo!
    • We offer printed delivery as well as digital delivery, whatever suits you!


It should come as no surprise that you need to choose a passport photo maker that guarantees photo compliance, so you won’t experience delays or passport rejection. When looking around for a passport photo maker, you’ll get the best result when you choose a service that has both a compliance check and is low in cost, like Smartphone iD.

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