Philippines Passport Renewal Made Easyin in 2023

Philippines Passport Renewal

Want a stress-free Philippines passport renewal? Start here! It’s important to know what mistakes will potentially delay your passport renewal, so you can avoid them! Use this article to your advantage to make your Philippines passport renewal as quick as possible. Avoid these Philippines passport renewal mistakes! Let’s go.

Where to Renew Your Philippines Passport in Australia?

If you need to renew your Philippines passport in Australia, you’ll have to make your way to a Philippines consular mission or embassy. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to complete the passport renewal online. You will have to travel to the consulate in Sydney or the embassy in Canberra to be able to renew your passport.

Where to Renew Your Philippines Passport?

  • Canberra Philippines Embassy: 1 Moonah Place, Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Australia
    • Website Address: 
  • Sydney Philippines Consulate General: Philippine Center, Level 1, 27-33 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
    • Website Address: 

How to Renew Your Philippines Passport?

When renewing your Philippines passport in Australia, the process is different to renewing in the Philippines. However, you’ll still have to submit the correct documents to be able to renew your passport. Take a look below at the steps to help you understand how to renew your Philippines passport.

How to Renew Your Philippines Passport?

  1. Book an appointment with the Consulate General (Sydney) or Embassy (Canberra)
  2. Attend your appointment
  3. Gather all the documents required for your renewal
  4. Once your application has been processed, you’ll receive your passport in the post.

How to Renew Online?

Unfortunately, you can’t renew online in Australia. However, you can renew your passport online if you’re doing it from the Philippines.

What are the Philippines Passport Renewal Requirements?

Once you’ve started the renewal process, you’ll have to submit certain documents to be able to successfully renew your Philippines passport. Take a look at the requirements below.

What are the Philippines Passport Renewal Requirements?

  • Completed Philippines passport renewal application form
  • Original birth certificate as well as a photocopy, from the PSA (Philippines Statistics Authority)
    • If you’re using your spouse’s name, you will need a marriage contract or report
  • Acceptable form of ID. Including a photocopy.
    • Social Security System card (SSS)
    • Government Service Insurance System card (GSIS)
    • Unified Multi-Purpose Identification card (UMID)
    • Land Transportation Office Driver’s License (LTO)
      • Official list of acceptable ID’s
  • Photocopy of your Australian Visa (if applicable)
  • Passport renewal fee
  • AusPost pre-paid envelope, for your passport to be posted to your address

How Long Does it Take to Renew a Philippines Passport in Australia?

Depending on the time of year, and whether your application is delayed for any reason, you can expect to receive your renewed passport at your specified address in about 6 weeks’ time. This will depend on how long it takes for the processing of your application.

What is the Cost of Renewing a Philippines Passport?

The cost of renewing your Philippines passport is $108 AUD. You should also take into account how much it will cost for postage fees and travel to the consulate or embassy.

How to Get a Philippines Passport Photo Cheap & Approved?

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4 Steps


Whilst it might take time to get your appointment with the embassy or consulate, you can speed up your application by getting your passport photo pre-approved. Having everything ready, such as documents and a photo before you need it will go a long way in accelerating the process. Use Smartphone iD, to know for sure your passport photo is acceptable to the government.

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