Now You Can Get a Student Card With These Tips in 2023

Student Card in AU

Fed up trying to get your student card photo with expensive and slow photo booths and studios? It’s understandable. But you don’t have to be any longer! Use this article to find out the best tips for getting your student card, as well as the cheapest and quickest place to get Passport-style photos for your application. Let’s go!

What are the Student Card Benefits

If you’re aged 18 or older and are studying at university you can benefit from a student card. There is a wide range of benefits that come with holding a student card, including many discounts and student services. The student card also shows that you are an official student at your university of study.

Student Card Benefits

  • Easy form of identification
  • Many discounts available to students
  • Get access to student services

How to Get a Student Card

If you want to know how to apply for a student card in Australia, you will likely have to contact your university student card service for details. However, we have created a basic outline of the process below.

How to Get a Student Card

  • Contact your university student card service
  • Get a Passport-style photo
  • Book an appointment with your university student card service
  • Pay any fees necessary

How to Apply for a Replacement Student Card

If you need a replacement student card in Australia, your best bet is to contact your university student card service. They’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action.

You will most likely be able to apply for a replacement card using their normal application process. Here’s an outline of what it might look like:

How to Apply for a Replacement Student Card

  • Contact your university student card service
  • State that you need a replacement student card
  • Provide a Passport-style photo
  • Pay any fees necessary

Where to Get Your Passport Photo for Your Student Card

You may not be able to get to the nearest photo booth or maybe you’re just unsure of how to get a Passport-style photo. Well, don’t worry any longer! We’ve provided some options below for where you can get a Passport-style photo.

If you need a Passport-style photo as quickly as possible, you can now get one using Smartphone iD from the comfort of your home. All you need is a smartphone!

Where to Get Your Passport Photo For Your Student Card in AU:

  • Kmart: You can get a 4×6 (10 x 15 cm) and it costs only $0.10. Uploading your Passport-style photos to Kmart is a good way to print a compliant photo.
  • Officeworks: Take compliant Australian Passport-style photos at Officeworks. You also receive a certificate of compliance.
  • Kodak Moments: You can print photos directly from your camera roll using a Kodak Moments Kiosk. The Wifi connected self-service photo printing station can easily be used to print photos from your phone.
  • Photo Studio: A photo studio is a good place to get Passport-style photos. If you can get an appointment, this could work for you. It’s usually more expensive than most other options!
  • Smartphone iD: If you want an all-in-one stop for getting a compliant Passport-style photo with digital or printed delivery and speedy services, choose ‘Smartphone iD’!

Take Your Student Card Photo With Your Phone ( cheap & quick)

Ever wondered if you could take Passport photos with your smartphone? It’s certainly cheaper. And more convenient.With our Smartphone iD app, you can get certified Passport photos wherever and whenever you need them.

Our AI software and biometrics team will inspect and validate your photos and send them back to you in no time at all!


It’s really important to have a valid student card as you can access loads of student services and benefits that you might not normally have access to.

Part of the application is getting a Passport-style photo, which can be tricky to get right. Use our app Smartphone iD so you can have peace of mind that your photo will be approved or we’ll send you a full refund.

Why not start using Smartphone iD today?

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