The Importance of Customer Service: Top Five Tips

In the age of the online review, the customer is not only king, but a sales marketing agent as well. Any published feedback, be it positive or negative, serves to either increase or reduce sales. When it comes to customer service, every business has an equal opportunity to improve customer relations.

Customer service sets the tone for your business, and ensures that your clients come back again and again.

This is because high quality customer service provides your clients with what they deserve – respect, assistance and enjoyment. What good is an amazing product or service if the sales experience is unpleasant? Well, it is only worth one sale.

Your organization has one shot to make a first impression in the minds and souls of your customers. In light of this, let’s take a look at the top five ways to deliver excellent customer service, based on the findings of big names like Amazon, Starbucks and Lexus to name a few.

1. Respond Promptly

No matter your method of communication, response time is paramount. This is important on so many levels, but the main point is not to keep your customers waiting. Even if they haven’t expressed urgency in acquiring a product or service, it is always impressive when you can rely on a business to reply timeously.

2. Personalize the Sales Experience

By genuinely caring for your clients every desire, you will provide a more valuable service. No matter who is interacting with the customers, it is important to remember names and faces. Over and above this, customer preferences should be recorded either mentally or in a notebook of sorts. In early 2020, Starbucks initiated a campaign titled Every Name Is a Story. The goal of the award winning business plan was to improve customer relations through acceptance, inclusivity and recognition.

3. Acknowledge and Correct Mistakes

Just as you need to take responsibility for the mistakes you make in your personal relations, so it is with your customers too. If you want to avoid getting a bad reputation, you need to step up and own your imperfections. When a company is at fault, it is necessary to replace the product or service that was not as expected – free of charge. If a replacement is not possible, you should refund your customers with a sincere apology.

4. Prioritize Customer Feedback

When a customer takes the time to express gratitude or disappointment, listen to what they have to say intently. Sometimes, clients are a well of inspiration and ideas that can be used to take your business to the next level. By remaining open minded to the thoughts of your customers, you can customize your business to their needs and wishes.

5. Play the Long Term Game

While short term rewards are tempting, it is always best to play the long term game. This means recognizing the value of repeat sales, as well as your customers themselves! When you keep your customers satisfied, you will grow your business through word of mouth and positive reviews. On the other hand, if you upset your clients, you could be the recipient of a less-than-flattering online review.